Monday, February 5, 2018


Fall is always a special time, birthdays, dance's and the beginning of holiday craziness.
CMHS Homecoming 2016. The day of homecoming, I went into Forever 21 and picked up two crush velvet dresses for $15. Brought home the pink and black and our girls were so excited about them, and that they were able to twin. I love them so much!
Bella and her freshman crew have such sweet friends and families that surround them. Thankful for her and that we get to call her ours.

Sofia and her group came to our home for dinner. Love that Jeff is talented to handle a large group of hungry teenagers

Bella turned 14, Rubi turned 11 and cousins came in from TX. 

Freshy cheerleaders are so sweet and a bit innocent. 
Love our neighborhood, especially around Halloween. Mia and Lilah dressed up 3 times this week. 

Rubi Joy getting all old and tween like. I just adore these girls! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Sofia ended her sophomore year with good friends and outstanding rankings in waterpolo. She was first team all league and co MVP of her team. She also made the record board at her school with a whooping 76 goals placing her #6. 

Both girls and boys teams are very close because of swim. Love these kids so much.
 Zachary boys and Fisher's are some of our favorite.

 Swim team love.

Other memories include cousin bones. I'm so grateful for the Benson Family.

 Camping trips will remain a special time with the teens because they are forced to hang out with us.

 Family hiking in Laguna
 Lots of extra time with Brenna as she sets off to New York for school.

 Memorable trip to Torry Pines and touring UCSD.

 Love this girl and her spice for life. Have to pull over for cute walls and yummy chai's.

 Summer is special with ferry rides and new drivers.

 Extra Benson time and road trips to the central coast to visit GG and Gpops

Excited to see Misa in San Jose
Nothing better than a comfy hotel, yummy food and a warm pool outside our door.
Valencia on Santana Row in Santa Clara. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Summer was no short of incredible this year for Bella. Camping, USA women's soccer games, beach days, camping, cheer, camps, cousins, friends, neighbors and road trips. This soon to be 14 year old is social, full of grace and loves to laugh. 
 So thankful and proud of our girl for winning the 8th grade graduation speech. An honor to watch how the Lord has blessed her (us), her words encouraged and left us all with a tear. Great way to end the middle school years.
Hanna Jackson and Bella

Bella and Taylor Foss
Our heart and soul
Gavin Fisher and Bella
The crew

Beach party at HB celebrating the great middle school years that they had. 
Love seeing these two and their love grow into a friendship 
Rock Harbor High school off to Oregon 

Reyna came to visit from Chicago
Beach days for days (with the Hurleys is a bonus!)
Halberts hiking club at crystal cove

Love our sweet Taylor Foss!
Orange circle always makes us "smile"

Portola dates with papa

Bella's favorite girl of all!
This captures our sweet Bella

Ferry and ice cream down on Balboa

So proud of these two and happy to show them off

Crazy family offered to paint the cheer boxes but had fun in doing so
More beach days for days

First game on Varsity Cheer

Avila Beach in San Louis Obispo
Madonna Inn

110 degree in Santa Clara but all worth it to watch Camden play