Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beautiful pictures of yourself around your own home seems a bit egotistic and like, hey look at me, I'm so hot and my family is smiling and not yelling. I guess I thought in our home we would have family, people we are praying for, art and mirrors. Well, I'm a changed girl. Why not have all of it? I adore our photo sesh with the sweet
. I'm so thankful for these four and although we do yell and laugh in our home, the smiles are way better to focus on. We're SO BLESSED God gave them to us and we will boast about it and display it. Now onto picking the pic's.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Next week will mean a brand New Year. A blank canvas to live a life full of sparkle, hope, health, growth and best of all the draw nearer to God. Its going to be an exciting 2013!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Being busy is comfortable for us but wow, am I thankful for Heffe! After two parties last night I was beat! Drum clean because of him. He is the best!

Queens bakery was a hit for our Sunshine preschoolers. Best preschool ever!

Obv's I took rubi out of school last Friday. Thinking I won't let my girls ever leave our site. Ugh!
Heavy H E A R T!

This sweet little team is still winning. I mean what is going on? It's so fun!

We already have 4 major family parties under our belt. Sad to say its flying by. Our family and friends parties are off the hook this year. That just sounds appropriate because I'm so serious. It's like team, church and class parties taken to a whole new level. I'm along for the ride and loving it. What a special time for these little ones.

Monday, December 10, 2012


I love Emily. She is so good and knows my style. When our pine needles, decorations and Christmas music are put away, its going to get messy around here. I see paint on the walls, new pillows and PINK will be back. Excited!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Fun weekend with soccer tourny, glow in the dark 5k run, birthday celebrations, Choir performance, bowling, tree lighting service and more. Life is filled with extra joy this time knowing we get to celebrate Jesus and make it about him. Excited to have soup nights in the neighborhood and walk around at night enjoying all the Christmas lights. A constant in our life seems to be Rock Harbor, camping, family, dinner in the hood, coffee dates and sports. Nothing else matters. I am feeling thankful this morning. 

Make new friends but keep the old ones. I love me some Ang!
This lil' lucky duck is a fourth grader which means ice skating with the Ducks on Thursdays
Camping chix
Field trip to AZ was so relaxing and much needed.
14 years strong with the Heffe. Dated for 5 before that so to say 19 years together is so awesome. Thank goodness for him is all I have say. I never knew he would be the hardest working, loving, patient daddy and husband. Blessed beyond!

Next year I want everyone to do this Electric Run, amazing!

Went to a tiny Italian place in HB. Ohhhhh, I loved the food! The girls (without our hubs) celebrating Faye.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Can't get enough of these two, the tree and the kid. For sure need to thin this baby out (not the kid) and grab a fab pot like this or this. I LOVE my huge outdoor pots and plants so ya for our houz.
Some yummy pix i've saved up
All these images from Lonny

Monday, November 19, 2012


I could change curtains monthly. So, thinking about pulling out those white canvas Ikea curtains that are perfectly priced and super long. Cutting the grommets off and sewing a pinch pleat and adding some fun trim.
Jonathan Adler for Kravet
Love that JL has a line out for Kravet. Kinda mod but tons of color. 

Lonny is so yummy. They always have pictures that make me thirsty for fabric. Pinterest only had a few good pics for inspiration but I know JoAnnes has a huge selection and coupons too.

I'll just put it on the "Desire" list. Well there is no list but people have those, right? Its a list that when you actually look at it you start to make it a covet list. That is a sin so I would have to title it as Home Hopes or desires or something cheesy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Yes please
 Emily Henderson used them and I just about fell off my chair. What the hey, $300? Bummmmer. It'll take me 3 months to sell things on craigslist for that. You can buy them HERE

Monday, November 12, 2012

Love for CUCINA Enoteca

The lighting, the mix of chairs, the pillows, the tables, the walls, the food…oh my. FABulous.  
Maybe my new fav place.

And a big ol' happy birthday to the amazing mother in law

Weekend Away…Check

Proud of Tim for killin' the half marathon. All I can say is hotel Santa Barbara is a must stay.  Love State Street, especially with Starbucks and Design within Reach right next door. These chairs got me very excited about our new dining chairs. Oh, and there is one picture that all I can say is boys will be boys!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ditch the Shelves?

I thought I wanted shelves flanking the tv so I could add frames with our families pictures who we don't see everyday. NOT INTO IT. Don't know if it's the cheap $15 Ikea Hyllis shelves or the clutterness of it all. Back to the drawing board, thank goodness for Craigslist. Maybe a wall mounted credenza with two super cute lamps a vase and a couple frames. 
I like this idea with some nail heads and knobs. Or the one that Made by Girl did with her genius idea of adding a stone top. Maybe I should wall paper the wall and throw antique piece from the Good Will under the tv. Guess I need to jump onto Pinterest for some fun idea's.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Happy Days

Birthday's came and went. I love having this little space to look back and count our blessings. Brittney plus a party of 8 took me to Plums. Spoiled me rotten with new kicks, purses, clothes, makeup and girl talk.  Hali came over and brought wine, and some sweet friends too! Nothin' better than being surrounded by love.

 Bella spent her day with Olivia at the Grove.               Rubi's friends loved on her at school.
Thank you Sarah for my sweet treats from Oueens. 
The best japanese food with these beauties.

Breakfast with our girls

All nighter and a Katy Perry movie with theses fun girls

 Hello Halloween! To the Rescue, Rock on and our lucky bug were just the sweetest.

                                                                   Love this month!