Monday, February 22, 2010

Trash to Treasure

This is a picture Jeff sent me from his phone. This poor little table was by a dumpster, in the rain. Forever grateful for picking her up!
I was looking at these chairs for 3 days outside a neighbors house. I actually took them (at 10pm so no body saw me) for my sister in law. She declined so I thought, paint and Craigslist. A little TLC made me fall in love and keep these beauty's.
I actually liked the distressed look but didn't keep it. Loved the way our medallion looked like it had a pearl necklace around it. Chopped up Sofia's necklace from Claire's. I got the "ok" after I told her I would take her and get a new one.
Added it to our 80's bachelor table to hide the seam from the wood that we had to add.
I don't know if it really adds much but I had to think of something and it was a fun project.
And that super cute chandelier? Well, thank you Julie and Josh! It was glass and gold and I painted it a perfect orange/red suggested from Little Green Notebook. Thanks Keli for introducing me to that site. It's put all my garage trash to my new treasures. I love my new table, not perfect which is just perfect for us. God totally answered a prayer. Jeff insisted we get a square table and I wanted a round. I still can't believe he just found this ready to go in the dumpster. Even funnier, I still can't believe he picked it up for me. Sewed for a friend some new pillows and got me thinking...Sew some for us! I have all this fabric dying to be used.The girls were playing store in there room and Jeff was golfing. I maybe went a little overboard but quick envelope style just take a couple minutes. I can't believe I had some of this fabric in my garage sale pile.

Baby Gavin

Saw the oh so cute diapers and wipes holder at Nordstroms the other day. I thought, $15? Maybe fifteen minutes of my time! Finally I was able to use that geometric fabric I got at the $2 fabric store. I threw on an old tag that I had made about 5 years ago. Am I allowed to totally copy? I can't wait to meet you baby Gavin!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Weather+ Extra Paint=Happy Door

When these two are staying busy or put to work, things actually get done! Many know I have wanted a lime green door for years, similar to a door over on the east side. It brings a big smile every time I see it. Especially with the wreath Sofia put together with the little ones for V-day. Lilah mostly played with the flamingo's since we were flocked by CMHS cheer. Oh how I love this little Lotty (Lilah+Naughty).
We actually had no choice but to take our door off and fix it so it really was perfect timing. Our crazy weather had moved our door jams so our door was falling off. We had the lime green paint in the garage and away I went. Of course, couldn't have done it without Jeff and his handy work! He is the best and always does what I want and I am so thankful! I couldn't imagine a husband giving me his vision on design. Well, I like his opinions but he lets me give the final verdict.
We just took the door right off and sanded away. Red to green, am I already missing Christmas?
Good bye not so cute red door and hello happy door!

San Diego Get Away

He wore this! I couldn't believe it. We went to a few restaurants and bars in the Gas Lamp District. I love it there! The people, the shopping, the food...SO FUN!We rode on cable cars to get around the city. Old town has so much character and tradition. Definitely on my list to go back there for hand made tortilla's. This picture was for my girl, Cindy!
Oh Jess, what a lovely girl!
What a crazy restaurant this was. I don't know if I was scared, offended in shock or if I actually liked it. I think that is the goal to keep you coming back for more and we have. In the past in wasn't as crazy but this time was memorable for reasons I can't speak of.
I just wore the bib, wish I took a few home for the girls.
These statue's on top of a water fountain reminded us girls of how we feel when our husbands are being fussy. Except, we don't hang out naked talking to them. It was a good laugh.
Love this picture of Jess and Donny. Our hotel was so beautiful. Our suite, was amazing! So grown up with the perfect nautical touch. Loved it and inspired me to distress a mirror for over our couch.
These two girls, Shauna and Jess, they are just a dream! For a cousin and a friend I feel very blessed to have them in my life. Thrilled to have a get away vacay with them too. Oh, and him too! Thankful and delighted you were able to take me away for the weekend.