Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter bunny came and we celebrated the Risen One.

Wishing every morning was started off like this. "Oh Happy Day!"
 Cousin egghunt and brunch, always cooked to perfection.

Thankful for the memories. #heavencrashesin

Friday, March 22, 2013


I still cannot get enough of these fab photos

 I love all those amazing prints out there, especially the huge paintings that cost a pretty penny. I went the short cut and got this ginormous black and white photo on paper for about $3. Yep, three bucks! 

 The trick is to email Staples and state that you want the poster print in B/W formate for under $5. She even made me an extra one of our girls. I'm planning to throw a couple large frames of photos and art above our couch. So original right?
This will be a must for Project Please Help. We have a few mommy's and a few rooms in the near future. Can't wait!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


After being gone for 5 days with the girls I came home to the best surprise, new bedding and a fresh coat of white in our living room. Best husband award for sure! 
Our room is an ever-changing spirit of color and pattern but its a fav hangout and that makes it a permanent safe haven. A lot of love is in the room from the bed Jeffy made after I loved one from Room Service. The homemade suzanni roman shade and pillows I sewed. A constant reminder of family dwells from our picture wall and the family hand-me-down dresser. An Aztec love rug from a great uncle and knobs from my grammy's that was my home away from home.

My sweet friend gave me the garden stool and the metal longhorn was a birthday gift for my Texan man. Our first piece of art was bought from a friend for 50 bucks and I am in love. It reminds me that you can blossom anytime in any situation.
 Our room connects our family. Its like a link for our girls to bond with us in a subtle way. Sometimes I dream of a bigger house with more storage but we come last these days and that is fine by me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A couple times a year we are blessed to go to Big Bear. We go with our family, catch up with my brothers, go on the boat, play at the park and relax. This year was different. I went with just the girls and we got snowed in. We saw friends, we snuggled and watched movies. New jacuzzi means hot bath and then jump in snow. Snow! Lots of it and we were kinda in awe over it. We made hills, played on toys and did lots of snow angles. We went to the zoo and saw beautiful black bears and watched the carnivores get down on some meat. So thankful we have this time (although we missed Jeffy) to recharge and make memories.
Mornings are the best here. Hot coco and coffee are dragged out with snuggles and giggles.

 Played at the Fishers who live down the road. With a family of 4 kids + extra boys = tons of fun.
 Thanks Dena! 

 Surprised how long they played in the snow. It wasn't the typical 10 minutes, cold, crying, lots of work for mom. It was me calling them in for a meal or it got to late. I already miss it and want to go back.
Some child of mine took this with the iPhone and its right as we descend from the beauty. 
Thanks dad and T!


Our sweet girl is an official tween. We love her so much!
The day started off with being the only child with a March 5th birthday.
Later that night the team did pushups and sang to her.  Really funny!
 Her friends from the "hood" stayed the night and acted like they were kids, as they should since they are. They played with bubbles, music, danced and giggled…perfect night. Thanks to granny for watching the little sisters so Sofia could get some love.

 At some point I had to let in on the fun of trying on some "hipster shoes" as they called it. Loved them so much but love Lexina's calf muscle more.

 They ate hotdogs and drank Snapple instead of us treating them to a nice lunch. EASY! Tweleve…looks like I really like this age.

They are mature with beautiful hearts. I really stood back and just watched. I had a grateful heart knowing that we are in this neighborhood with great families trying to raise good kids.
 Happy birthday Fifi!
It was a very magical day!