Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have you guessed yet?

Guess where we're off too?

For Sale!

We are selling Rubi's darling custom bedding because I have to buy another crib set. My girl, Keli, found this cute bedding below at Walmart, $80 for the set. Isn't that fabulous? They have the cutest stuff for both boys and girls at the best prices. Since we are getting Camille's crib, we need to get matching crib bedding, wow, two cribs. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fab photos

I think photography prices are SO overrated! Why can't you throw a bunch of kids on your dirty bed and snap away? I know I don't have the "eye" but these will forever impress my heart. It was perfect, Rubi fell asleep due to the Sudafed she ate (already contacted the poison control and enough hours had gone by that sleep was okay) and the girls tossed on there tulle dresses and snap, snap away we went.
She woke up after a few short shots but we got a couple sweet ones. This is the girls winner because of the chandelier. We moved it from Rubi's room and staged it. Even though we were going for the black and white effect, I had to show this one in color up above because don't you think it came out so charming.?

Monday, July 28, 2008


I can't help but think of that funny Aflack duck when I see this picture. Uncle Danny had some wild idea that he would catch a duck for the kids, and he did.

One of the reasons my kids adore Aunt Laura and Uncle Dan so much is because they get down and dirty with them wherever and whenever. They always make the time, even if its a short one, memorable.

Sophie and Sofia so excited to be surrounded by the ducks. We couldn't get enough of them. Bella found a pair of ducks who were in love. She kept referring to them as the "loving ducks".

Daddy and Duckies

Thought this could put a smile on your face. Thoughts from Jeff, life is sweet...

Hannah Montana Anyone?

The girls came over and Jeff blasted surround sound and they rocked out to the concert! Thanks Keli for the glasses!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our New Assignment

Hi all. POETS (Put On Earth To Serve) has been serving in our community of Costa Mesa, CA through visiting Avalon Senior home, handing out free snacks at a local park, which I love to do with my kids and helping two single moms with 4+ kids that are living in a motel. We are now hoping that you can help us with our next mission. Through the month of August, we are hoping to supply 100+ local school kids with backpacks and supplies that would otherwise go without. This is where you come in. We are asking our friends and family to sponsor a backpack for $30. This would include the backpack and supplies. We are also going to try to get donations from local businesses. We are collecting donations through the month of August and are hoping to distribute the backpacks during the first week of school. The girls and I are most excited to have the stuffing party and hand out the backpacks. Please make your checks out to POETS give them to me or send them to:
POETS: 219 Wellesley Ln., Costa Mesa, CA 92629
Thank you so much for taking the time to join us in our journey to be God's hands and feet here in Costa Mesa. Sincerely, Jaime and Fam

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day in LA

Generosity! That was what happened Friday from Aunt Vicki who spoiled Bella with an American Girl and Sofia with an American Girl outfit. Our trip started out with the fam meeting at our home and off to Melrose. We went to Robert De Niro's amazing restaurant, Ago (Ah-go) and ate Italian food that was even great food for Italy, Gina says. We spotted Keanu Reeves but weren't allowed to take a pic, sorry. The restaurant is a "must go to " if you ever get the chance and I suggest the gnocchi, mmm! Bella had a smile from ear to ear. She did not want to leave this store and I must say it is very incredible, especially being younger than 10 but a bit overwhelming. Sofia and cousin Victoria in new Kit dresses, Bella with Melody and all in love with Aunt Vic.
There is loud music to the dancing fountain at The Grove, we just couldn't resist the picture. Check out Sofia's feet, pretty impressive I have to say. Can you do that with your body? The American Girl cafe was dreamy for these two. The decor and view alone did it for me but Sofia and Bella loved how it catered to the dolls. Next time girls! I don't know how these kiddo's ended up in the swanky Ago's kitchen to dance. I do know Sofia and Victoria ended back in there with lemons and coconut shells from the chefs to take home. What am I suppose to do with the coconut shells?
Bella, Sofia, Josiah, Victoria and Nicholas were perfect angels! Look at those big girls thrilled to have wine glasses. Always so fun and entertaining catching up with the family. We missed everyone who couldn't join. I loved the food so much I could write all day about it but Rubi loved the water. Well, I think she loved that I allowed her to have a wine glass with her water. This isn't quite the place where they serve drinks in sippy cups. I should have known when I asked for a pitcher of water and he brought me a bottle of Italian water, which Rubi also enjoyed.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Times at the BBC

Is this Joy or what? Maybe it should of been her first name instead of her middle. It was actually what we felt about that time of the pic. I'm still learning how to download (or upload )and all my pics came out backwards. You'll get the point though. We had an awesome afternoon at the Balboa Bay Club with our friends and then rocked the night in my dad and Terri's new boat. Even better that we were able to pick Aunt Laura, Uncle, Gina, Nicholas and a friend up in Balboa. Finished the night off at the burger bash. Nothing better than burgers and the beach! The girls think nothing is better than when they get to be with Greyson and Camden. We missed you Cam! Our future PINK boat with pink team shirts.
Rubi didn't quite get the beautiful scenery, she rather have stayed down at the table and watched a cartoon.
Loved to be able to catch up with Angie and her family. Look at that little guy...adorable! Burger bash is always so fun for the kids because they come home with prizes and goodies while shakin there booties. I think I can say my lil' babes are the most excited and happiest when in water. I think a lot of mommies can second to that.

Play date with the Greats

Before the Bay Club our fantastic day started out with Sofia and Bella going to GG's and G Pops for a play date. They talked all day about how much fun they had. They played games and even won prizes, made delicious food, played the organ and so much more. G pops' face is so far away but he has a "Rock Star" tatooed across his forhead. I don't think he knows those things never come off. Sofia and Bella are all tatted up too. They girls can't wait for another date and are even taking about a sleepover??

Grab a tissue!

Natalie Biagi is the 3-year-old daughter of Rob and Kathleen Biagi. Rob is a Christian “kids-and-family” singer/songwriter, which our kids LOVE. Little Natalie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (A.L.L.) on October 1, 2007. is the website created so you could have detailed updates about Natalie’s treatment and condition, grab a tissue because Rob was just diagnosed with another kind of Leukemia. If you wish to send gift money to help the Biagi Family pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance, you can do one of three things:
Sat August 23, 2008 4:30PM - JANA ALAYRA/ROB BIAGI "Benefit Concert" (for Natalie Biagi Leukemia Treatment) - Crystal Cathedral - Garden Grove, CA - call 714-54-GLORY (714-544-5679) for tickets.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yum, Yum and so cute!

Can you believe this cute and funky picture I took is from a bagel store? That's right, Bagelmania Coffee House is our new spot. The owner is a sweet, young girl who just has great style and taste, literally! Our fav bagel was the Hawaiian. It has shredded, toasted coconut and chopped pinnapple on the outside. Then she toasts it and puts cream cheese on it which had little bits of pineapple in it, mmm, mmm, and sweet! Besides breakfast and fab coffee, the lunch menu looked even better. It may not be in the most beautiful shopping center (its on the corner of Harbor and Adams close to Coco's) but you can't have it all! Its so worth trying out, please let us know if you ever go. We're always up for a yummy treat!