Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Girl

A new seat for our big girl! 6 months today. Dear Mr. Time, please
slow down.

Our lil' Baker

More mama more, I'll share. She is a sales girl at 2!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sofia!

Such a fun week of celebration for Sofia's 8th birthday. Started with Mimi and Papa Jim taking the girls for the night and to Irvine Spectrum to shop. Then a celebration for all the Rices at Granny and Grandads house, bowling with her a couple of special friends after school and another birthday dinner at Mimi and Papa Jims house. She also gets to go shopping to Old Navy with Papa and I think she's getting a little spoiled. I might need to join in... Joy and Keli were able to hang out, and help out. Thanks friends!
Sofia, Lexina, Sophie, Sophie anxiously awaiting to bowl.

So fun daddy was able to join.
Gg, and Gpops certainly are a must at our parties. Always a joy when we get to be with them!
After Gpops got his own lane he ended up letting the girls take over, thanks Gpops!
Eve, Camille and all the girls eating there "fake it" cupcakes. Mmmmm!
Twinkies with a big chocolate S for the birthday girl!
Bella so excited to wish her sister a happy day. Thanks Kara for the balloons! The sensation lasted a week with our kiddo's, even when they all died. It was so funny what makes them laugh.
This little one is our comedian these days. Too funny and full of Joy!
I started out, alone, with high hopes for this 14 layer cake (recipe off of Oprah) and then 3 little helpers came in one at a time. I did not lose hope for the taste but as for the appearance? You be the judge of that!

It was much like a pancake with a butter cake taste. Next time I would do a chocolate cake but I did love the glaze that went with it.

Grandma Rice still going strong. We are so lucky to have some of our amazing and generous grandparents around us .
We also made a ton of little tiny cake pops. These little treats are so good and so fun to make. You bake a cake, let it cook and then crumble it into a big bowl. How fun for the little ones! Then, you mix a frosting, homemade or store bought, roll out and freeze. A few more steps with a cookie cutter and some melted candies but its very worth it!

Rubi thought that since they were the perfect size for her, they were made for her.
I guess we officially have a big girl. She is growing up right in font of our eyes. I can hardly stand it and at the same time LOVE it! She is learning to steer all that passion of hers in the right direction and I believe this girl is one to watch!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Jog A Thon

It was a perfect day and ended with icecream. All the kids loved it
and even Rubi got a treat.

Sofia and her classmates

Bella had a blast!