Sunday, March 21, 2010

The lights will inspire you, lets hear it for New York...

Couldn't get Alicia Keys out of my head singing New York the whole time I was there. It is true, a concrete jungle but so inspiring. I loved everything about it except wished my family was there. Next time, I'll have pictures of my girls skating in Rockefeller Plaza with Jeff and taking a visit to Ellis Island. That will be a very different trip. The design and architecture of everything caught my eye just around every corner. These chairs were so cool in our hotel. I want a few so I can do the nail head trend that's everywhere these days.
I could of also taken home this huge chandelier in our lobby.
We went to Brooklyn, wish we had more time, and this is the only picture I got. It was my favorite restaurant called Sea. I just about freaked out on every bit! All the large dishes were about $5 and did fireworks in my mouth. I want some Thai just thinking about it!
Soho was a beautiful area. Everything and everyone was upscale. I loved the buildings and shops, so much detail I couldn't stop staring. I am not a good photographer because you can't tell how massive and beautiful anything is. You'll just have to go see for yourself!
Loved the subway, even the stinkiness to it all. We just had to get a picture in front of the gold wall.
Love this birthday girl! She was the reason for the trip. Thanks for everything Brittney.We got a piece of some amazing stores that made you want to go home and be creative. M & J Trimmings was one of those.
Another place that makes me crave and wish they were here is Levain Bakery. I'll have to check out the website and see if they deliver. It was an experience in itself. Maybe the best $4 I have every spent.
Just another photo of Soho that I love but doesn't remotely tell how amazing it is. Around Central Park is another sight to see. Statues and art everywhere. From the buildings, stores, trees and park itself, its more than the movies or I could ever explain.
I love this picture. Its pouring down at this point but I didn't care! I loved being there. It makes me want to frame some pretty bridges that I have taken of. I have one form Yosemite, San Fran and Hawaii that I can think of. Makes me think I'm a traveler.
Although I missed first soccer games and watch day for gymnastics, I was so thankful for the time away and for the great experience! I came home to a perfectly clean house, no laundry and with miss you banners, signs and roses. Wow, lucky girl here!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Bryan!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Bryan! You're an awesome dad, brother, coach but most of all, a super cool Uncle because Sofia gets to celebrate and share your day! She is anxious and so excited to carry the tradition of your birthday date with her. We hope you have a great year!

Our Birthday Girl

It's a big day for this little dreamer(here at 4years old). I LOVE her so much, as we do all our babies but she is a special one. She made me a mama. No extra points for that but still, everyday, she lets us experience new adventures. The grandparents will love all these pictures of her. I could of gone on and on...
Above is her old pal Sophie and below is Lex. Its so fun to see the years fly by as they change so much.
One thing Jeff and I admire about Sofia is her passion. She puts a lot of love into the things she believes in. Especially her family, friends and activities. She loves to watch her garden grow. Its like Christmas when a fruit or veggie is ripe enough to eat.
She is very creative, sometimes it scares me. Of course I am just a proud parent but for those who know her, we appreciate her enthusiasm and its kind of contagious being around her. She loves being part of the Texas family. It will be interesting to see where God takes this girl but she actually prays she'll be there one day.
She is an fabulous sissy and for the most part puts them first. I am thankful everyday for her helping hands because usually she's holding another lil' hand.
She's a dreamer, a BIG dreamer! I hope one day, they all come true.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are Girl Scouts!

I am still in shock! We are actually loving being apart of this sweet troop. The moms are awesome and I love spending the one on one time with Bella. In a few weeks we have a camp out and then Daddy and Bells get to go to a Father Daughter Dance. She is thrilled and already thinking of her gown. Update to follow!

Soccer Studs?

We are so excited for another season of Spring soccer. Tonight is both of the girls first practice and we're bringing cupcakes to celebrate Sofia turning 9. Rubi has her Puma's on because she thinks she also has practice, it should be very interesting.