Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is how the conversation went, "Bella, please make sure the caps
are on after you paint." "Okay mommy!" 2 minutes went by and our
popcorn was almost done and I thought, where is that little one. Of
course, out by the paints. We can't figure out if she opened them or
if Bella just didn't tighten the caps. Hmmmm...

Monday, March 24, 2008

What's that???
Do you ever find things in your house where you have to take a double?
We'll, this week has been an interesting one with those questions. Our
friend, Seth, found this pretty little hair accessory. Its an old
banana, very old on our bath doll. I guess we'll stick to eating at
the table.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The morning has just begun and the girls are going crazy. It started
out great as the Tooth Fairy left a $2 bill for Sofia. She was
thrilled but remembered about Easter so she woke her sisters up. They
were most excited about the letter and the flarp.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter!
Sofia and Bella had a great idea and that was to write a note to "the
Bunny Rabbit". Sofia really wanted to know what he looked like
because she had an image of him that was kinda professional. After I
softened his image they note was made and the eggs were layed out
according to the arrows. Bella gave Rubi two even though she isn't two
because she felt so bad she only had one to find. Short prayers, no
books, not even a question, they went staight to bed in pure
anticipation. Its also an exciting night for Sofia because she lost
another tooth and she can't wait to see what is left from the Tooth
Fairy. The girls think that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are
going to hang out tonight. Jeff told them that they already know each
other and that they occasionally run into each other. Its going to be
a fun day tomorrow!

After the girls wrote a note to the Easter Bunny, he (they decided its
a boy) naturally had to respond. I know the writing is chicken scratch
but we had to disguise ourselves.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Easter egg decorating time! We always seem to run out of hot pink
but this year we got a head start while Sofia is at school. Shhhh,
please don't tell her.
Today is one of those great days where I feel extremely blessed to have the greatest family and the best of friends. Here are a few pictures from my phone of some good times, coffee. Haute Cakes, Keon or Starbucks...whatever the case, its morning, we catch up, have coffee and get on with our day. What could be better than that? Keli, Camile, Jessica, Maisy and Rubi. We usually borrow a cart from Promelis and use it as a toy for the kids. It keeps them busy until someone gets hurt. Rubi Joy and Shawn Casey, our possible future son in law??? Sofia and Rubi at Haute Cakes waiting for our friends.

Monday, March 17, 2008

We are so proud of our little soccer sweetie, Sofia. We had no idea what to expect and let me tell you, I am thrilled she is enjoying herself. Most of these 7 and 8 year olds are little studs and Sofia is eager to learn and keep up with them. Looking for us Saturday mornings and we will be at the Costa Mesa High School farm watching our little Killer Bee. First game
First practice Bella and Rubi wish so badly they could be kicking a ball with Sofia but are for sure her #1 fan.

The Happiest Place on Earth

The girls and I took a trip to Disneyland and had the greatest time EVER! It was Bella and Rubi's first time and with Sofia being older the magic was clearly in the air. The day was fabulous starting from morning and ending weeeee into the night. Sofia had the day off so we were able to sleep in and Jeff's uncle Chris got us in to Disneyland for free, bonus! We packed a lunch so we could be movin' and eatin' all at the same time. We went to the "City Hall" to get our first time badges and Sofia got a birthday badge as well. The sweet girl behind the desk also gave us a guest pass which meant we got to go into all the exits and cut in front of the long lines. We kinda felt bad at first because these people had stood in lines for up to 20 minutes. As the day went on we felt like celebrities and felt really proud of our pass. 9 hours was just not enough time and we can't wait to go back and take Jeff. Rubi's favorite place was Toon Town because she was let out of her stroller and ran free. Our big 7 year old rode a roller coaster by herself. Bella was very sad I couldn't take her and I have promised I will next time we visit.
Besides the beautiful parade, the ducks will always be remembered as well. How cute are they just begging for food?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who's escaping from jail, of course the cute little one... On top of all the great surprises, Grammy Lori found us in the middle of Toon Town. If anyone knows, I think that was the craziest place because of all the kids. My phone died and I had no idea she was coming, the girls loved it. She was also able to stand in line (40 min.) for Nemo with Sofia and Bella. Our celebrity pass didn't work with the new attraction, not even my sweet talkin. I must say, its worth the wait! Rubi loved the Tea Cups and giggled the whole time with her sissy's.
I can't believe how some crazy parents waited in line so long with there tired kids for pictures like this. We were lucky and got first in line as they popped right out in front of us.

I leave Rubi for a second and this is what I find her up to! She
thinks she is so funny.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

11 weeks and counting

Everybody has been so great to me since we have announced that we are having another baby. Very supportive and considerate and I just wanted to thank all my good friends who have helped already in so many ways. As this blog is a bit of a journal I wanted to update it about how things are going with this little bundle of joy in my belly. Besides being tired, gaining 11 lbs. and always feeling hungry, I also feel fantastic. Jeff has been a great daddy and really stepping up with my daily chores with no complaint. I write this as he is gone on a 3 night all boy vacation in AZ, must be nice. Anyways, I read up on a 11 week old baby and it is amazing what has already taken place. The heart is almost completely developed and very much resembles that of a newborn baby. The child has it's own blood type which is different from mine. Twenty tiny baby teeth are forming in the gums. Our tiny baby is very much protected and gracefully swims. It can and does sometimes cry silently. The brain is fully formed, and it can feel pain. The baby may even suck its thumb and eyelids now cover the eyes but will open at the 7th month. Right now our due date is September 22, 2008. Any name suggestions? The girls LOVE Shimmer but cannot convince their daddy that it is the perfect name. The picture is what our baby could look like at this time but its not our picture.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Sofia

Mr. Bliss the magician was a lot of fun. G. pops and gg are always up for a party. They are such troopers as well as everyone else who stayed. The birthday girl also got to be the star of the show.
March 5th was a special day because God blessed us with a healthy and beautiful baby and we have been able to enjoy and love on Sofia for 7 years. She is amazing in So-So many ways I can't even begin to write them, I just don't have the space. To us, her most unique quality besides being a great sissy, cleaver, stylish, tidy, a bit hard headed at times (thats from Jeffs side), is that she made Jeff and I mommy and daddy.
Rubi Joy doing what she knows best, stealing food. The kids got a special treat when Grammy came by with her school bus.
Can you believe the park got a fence put up around it that morning? When I pulled up my heart snunk but we found a way in and the kids had a great time playing. Of course, it worked out just perfect!