Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Picture?

As we were getting ready for Thanksgiving the girls were getting decked out in cheetah galore. Sofia and Bella made hair clips, planned special outfits and even used cheetah fabric to add to Bella's top. They were so cute and sweet about the whole look they were going for. I thought it would just be perfect if I was able to get a Christmas picture, ya right. Although, I didn't get a picture, I love looking back at the few shots I took because Lilah was cracking us up. She LOVES the camera more than any baby I know. We are just having to much fun with this little one. Notice the last picture? Rubi saw this and screamed out of excitement that Dora made it into the Christmas card. Another giggle from the girls that I love to think about.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost 80 in November

We love days like today! The only things that are missing are 2 big
girls and waves. There's always tomorrow!

Lessons of a Lifetime

Some of my two favorite books these days. The Are and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet. I had the pleasure of attending her "Baking Boot camp" last year for my birthday from my mother in law, Candy. She autographed my book saying, Here's to all the sweet things in life". You'll appreciate her guiding you along as you tackle any of her recipes. Another one is The River Cottage Family Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall &Fizz Carr. This is an the best book ever! I try to include the kids in the kitchen but sometimes it is just a pain. This gives us projects they really can handle. Did you ever know that just by putting heavy cream in a jar and shaking it makes butter?
We captured a few that the girls were so excited about. Bella and Sofia waited patiently for there rolls to be done. We noticed that fresh baked bread can be smelled from outside. Spread with our homemade butter you would think we lived on Little House on the Prarie.
Karate chopping was there favorite part.
Sofia was very serious about her bread and Bella just wanted to have a ball with it. Am I relating our kids view on life to making bread?
These really are more than cookbooks, they encourage us to be together in the kitchen and that's really what matters. Gift idea for anyone???

More summer pic's I LOVE!

I came across these pictures that I just had to journal. I love that my pops went paddle boarding before we grabbed a bit to eat with Terri and the boys. Go dad, go!
I love uploading my pictures to find Sofia and Bella have gone wild with my camera. There is usually a really great picture or two and this is one I love. Mostly because I found them cracking up after the curtains fell on them. This girl is just one big party!
Fun times with cousin, Shauna and boys. We LOVE to be with them!
Another one of those "could of been cute" pictures. Even though as a mama I think they are just the sweetest things, I just wish I could get all of them looking at me. That is what I would really love!
LOVE the smell of our garden. The veggies were out of control. It was the best project we have ever done together as a family. Our sweet neighbor, Linda, just brought strawberries for us to plant. We can't wait to get back into the groove of gardening. Thanks Linda!
Sofia got her ears pierced (tear, tear!) while back to school shopping with Granny and Grandad. She has been asking for the past 3 years and we finally broke down. I cried along with her because it was such a step towards becoming a big girl. We love this moment and won't forget it.
This captures almost every picture I take of all 4 of them.
We made this sign for our garden and loved it for a minute. So fun but such a bummer it was washable, oops! So many of these pictures with our Dahl's rolls! How can I resist them? Aren't they so lovable?
This picture sums up our summer and what we think of it! Us+water=IN LOVE