Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look out house!

Today was a day I have been looking forward for weeks. I was able to go to Joannes and Home Depot, kinda two of my fav stores these days. I can't wait to get started on some much needed projects. All this was purchased becasue... of this! Yes, I had a couple of jobs that led me to buy fabric and such. I love to have jobs so keep me in mind for your next blanket, curtains and whatever you need!
Most of you know that I LOVE to sew. It was such a fabulous job and perfect timing. Thank you God and Shelly. I hope your daughter enjoys it. I think some of you have heard me say, I have been drowning in brown here at the Rice home. My poor Jeffy is probably so tired of me talking about the "house" so I am taking upon myself to handle it. With my earned mula, I will be tackling some projects and I can't wait!
I had to take a picture of the blanket in this room. Zebra, pink, turquoise, black, floral, I just had to!

California Rocks!

Wasn't she just three years old? Well, she is officially a big girl doing big girl projects at shcool. I love that she is getting older but with that comes more school work. Who to call on? D*a*d*d*y! Dads always love this kind of stuff. Especially when you get to mix flour, salt and water, saw and paint. It took about a week and I had to keep little hands away from it but it turned out perfect!

We'll miss you Mrs. Ivey!

Mrs. Ivey is Sofia's 3rd grade teacher and we met her when she was teaching at Killybrooke. Coincidentally, I met her when we threw a co-class baby shower for a student teacher and last week we threw her a shower. It was so special and Sofia is already anxiously awaiting for her return, she hasn't even left yet. Rubi and Lilah were welcomed and very good students. Our room mom and my new friend, Jen, was so great at putting this all together. The kids loved the games and it was a real special memory. I love that baby belly and can't wait to hold her, yup, a girl! Claudine put this fun game of baby items on a tray. They had to memorize and write them down, plus they unscrambled baby words. I don't think they even knew they were using those little brains of theres
We are thrilled for Mrs. Ivey and her family. We'll be praying for a healthy baby Audrey and a fast healing mama!
Sofia and her special friends, Lily and Cameron.

It's Going To Be a Great Year!

This year we brought in the New Year with some friends and family. Although we had our kids up all night, it ended cheerfully, literally! Bella and Finley dancing the night away.
Jessica and Michelle toasting to a great year.
Silly daddy and Bells.
Me and my little lumber jack.
Yes, we danced the night away, even the kids rocked out till 1am!
Sofia, Harper, Bella, Lilah and Rubi Joy, a couple little sweeties who helped make my year the best year ever!
Always a good time with these sweet family's.