Thursday, December 30, 2010

San Fransisco NWM

A trip to San Fran with 3 impressive and kinda crazy gals is one to be remembered. I got invited last minute to stay with them and maybe "bootleg" the race. It fills up so fast so you either have to be apart of a team or an organization like Team in Training. I was keeping my long distance up so I ended up running the half with them and it was the best run I have ever done.
After landing and taking the subway to Powell St., you walk up the stairs to this grand Forever 21. We almost went in with our luggage we were so excited.
Cracking up at Paige and I because we just had such a fun time.
After our walks along the wharf we took a private tour around the bay with new friends (complete strangers) and those memories are so comical and a bit secretive. The view of the city and Sausolito from the bay is spectacular, afterwards I was so greatful to have experienced it.
Going under the bridge was a unique experience. It is so grand and beautiful. Of course I only had my iphone so these pic's don't do its justice.
This picture of probably a great Corona got tossed out because a stranger gave it to me and I didn't see if they put drugs in it. Can you tell, this was just a funny trip.
We became team "Buena Vista". The general manager gave us shirts and we were told, this is unusual because it is a very famous bar and they don't usually do that. We were so honored.
Enter, the race...
I had to document this because last time I ran this I was stunned by all the city had to offer that I didn't know. These red woods are a site to see and distract you from the huge hill you're running up.

The volunteers are very interesting and make you laugh as you grab you're water and go. I lost Paige at this point as we ran the first 3 together and found Hali at about mile 6.
At the top of this hill you come across a view that looks like Portofino, Italy. So Beautiful! And where you go up, you get to go down.
And you say goodbye to the Wharf, marina and bridge. A view I could run to everyday.
Running with Hali was such a great time with many laughs. At this point, mile 7ish, I adjusted her leg. We we're not tired but our state of mind was just plain silly.

Yes, a chocolate mile. Isn't Nike the best? At mile 17 there was a foot mile with massages and socks they gave away.
No matter how many races you run, the sign of the finish is so sacred. It brings a lot of emotions. Excited, proud, greatful, blessed and also sad that it comes to an end.
SF Firemen dress in Tux's and hand out the medals. I don't know these girls but I love this pic thinking it might be there first race and they just got a Tiffany's necklace as there finishers medal.

Everyone's name on the Nike wall in hot pink. This kinda gets you pumped before you run.

Everyone should run a race. Be it a 5k or a marathon. The expo's are so inspiring.

A trip to China town, a new experience for us all.

Seeing live animals waiting to be soup, lots of hanging food and much more we didn't expect through this part of the city.

The Buena Vista and their famous Irish coffee's.
He makes thousands of these a day and he even treated us to one.

Such a sweet city!

A few pictures that were sent to me. My mom and Jim took the babies to the pumkin patch.A Jeffy took the bigs camping.

Goodbye San Fran and see you next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunny Winter Days

Fun day at Balboa. Love seeing these pic's because its been so chilly lately.
Cracking up thinking of Jeff getting so nervous with them walking on the edge.
We're a great team because I am for sure walking on the edge kind of girl.

Christmas Memories

Christmas morning is the best. We always have to wake up a couple of the girls and first we look for Elfy. Sofia had the honor to put the last magnet of the Advent calendar on and they ran to their stockings. What is so sweet is that the big girls are almost more excited to see what the little ones got. Rubi's JB shirt was for sure a hit! I love the excitement in their tired eyes and funny bed heads.
I know how lucky I am but Jeff does so much during this crazy time. He shops, he wraps and spoils mommy like crazy. I don't know how he does it each year but he's the best.
Christmas with the Rice family. Bigger each year. I don't know if its the presents, the kids or the food. Ava and Auntie Myra and baby Rice.
A couple of the best gifts of all.
Mind you this is at 9am Christmas morning.
I can't seem to get one great picture of these sillies.
The little things make the girls happy and crack us up.
Granny and Grandad ordered the cutest headbands and clips from my good friend Keli over at Do Pretty.
Sofia was thrilled about her 39 Clues book series and special black book. A must for all 4th and 5th graders if you want them to love to read. Booboo is just excited for anything.
What a day, a week, actually, what a month! We defiantly praise God for letting us celebrate in the birth of Jesus and getting a lot more than material gifts. Of course we're thankful for those but mostly for our eternal gift.
Our pretty little elf. I cherish this stage because it flys by just as this season did. Can't wait to see what the New Year will bring.