Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whatever works

I am keeping an eye on her and doing dishes. This is ok? I hope so!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

PARTY, It's Valentines Day!

We love the season of V-day, who doesn't right? Its about all the sugar! Gg and Gpops brought over some gifts and pre scooped icecream , strawberries and toppings. Yum yum!!!
This little Dahl of ours was the sweetest part of my day! Take a close look at that neck cleavage, funny!
Maybe her third time changing today but she kept the spirit of pink alive.
Keli and I hosted our second annual cupcake exchange and this time held it at Halecrest. So fun!
Diane brought her amazing pepper jelly and cake plates, too cute!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V-day!

A couple of our lil' Valentines showing some love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My favorite snap shots

After a long ride in the jogger and they crash. So sweet!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Made it, fewwww!

Jeff came home for lunch so I could go for 6 today. This is what I was
running in. You can't see it but there was wind and no rain, thank
goodness. Looks like I just missed it though. It was really a pretty
sky out there today!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Pretty much where we sat the whole night, it was fabulous!

Josh and Julie hosted an awesome party with fun friends and yummy food! Jeff got 3-D glasses for the kids and they loved the half time show.
They went all out on decorations. So cute!
Drew and Ethan shared all their toys!

Thanks so much, Porters!

Four Months Old

There is just something so sweet about these girls. I see them being the best of friends one day.
Her body is so juicy these days I just love her! We all can't stop kissing her. She even squints when we get near her. She knows somethings coming!

Daddy loved her piggy's. They weren't in for very long so I'm so glad he got this one of her.
I love every one of those rolls and know them by heart.
She's captivating, this little one. There's just something about her.
Full of life, our little Lilah Dahl. Makes me want to go wake her now and kiss that soft skin of hers.

Winter Pix of 2008

This was actually a very funny moment for me. We had planned the night before to practice with Bella on bike riding. This is kinda a problem because she really has no interest. Sofia was 3 and quite the rock star on the bike and Bella is 5. I know we shouldn't compare but its definitely a comparison.
So this is the funny part. Daddy walking back because Bella rather dust of the rusty screws on the bike. She looks at the trees, notices the leaves have fallen. Her helmet bothers her and shes getting thirsty. He's done for the day and Sofia is just lacing up her skates. I'm still laughing...
So much fun watching the girls smile and laugh. The best part is how excited they are for each other. We kept saying, "go open yours" and "what did you get?" It was so cute.
Christmas Morning we waited for our sleepy girls to wake up.
My favorite part of the season is the girls running out to greet our mailman, Sam, and asking him for the Christmas cards. Its so sad the day I take them down. I can't seem to actually throw them away. I put them on the counter and I think Jeff ended up doing it.
These notes are so sweet! The thought and team work that went into it was precious.
Rubi was more excited over the passy that Santa left for Lilah to use for her baby dolls.
Date with Daddy at home. Homemade and messy, there's no better way!
First rainy day of school and they girls are thrilled. So excited to take umbrella's to school.
One of the girls favorite things to do during Christmas is to go caroling and check out all the lights. My grandma, G.G., gave Sofia her antique caroling book which Sofia cherish's. I didn't go this year because of the little ones but Jeff and some neighbors took the kids and they had a great time. Next year I plan to make it a big deal for them since it has been a sweet little tradition.
A fun night at the mall ended with Santa. Rubi was very excited unlike the previous years with Sofia and Bella. Even this year, Bella had to dig deep for the courage not to be scared. We were so proud of her!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Seems forever ago...

but just over four months ago I was pregnant for the very last time, ever! Its very fun to share these pictures because it was so much fun and so generous of some of the great friends I have.
I was having the girl and Tiffany was having a boy, little Cash.
Jen, top right in brown, was so sweet and offered her home and talents. I am forever grateful for the memories. These girls prayed over our sweet babies and showered us with beautiful gifts.
Sprinkles Cupcakes, yummy!!!! I think I snuck a bit from everyone. They knew how excited I was about these!