Thursday, March 27, 2014


This room makes me super happy. So clean and bright.  Thank you Heffe for your great handy work on the beds.  Found Sea Urchin fabric and made 30x30 pillows. They are huge and perfect for a snuggle with a good book. The turkish towels were $10 from ebay and Sofia and Rubi are excited about their photo wall (4x4's from Target). Reading lights from Ikea add a touch more of gold. 
The brightest color ever! The girls loved it for a good 10 years. Bye, bye pink, you won't be missed.
 My Heffe, is the best! Builds me whatever I dream up and can afford.

 The black, pink and white continues
 I did about 10 coats of paint.

Although it was cramped and bright pink, there lives little girls who love to sing, dance and have fun. That is truly what matters
BUT... I'm a sucker for clean, white and happy.
Love her so much but most days it looks like this. At least she is studying.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Having a big family has forced us to become beach addicts. Don't get me wrong, we've always loved the beach but knowing you can pack a lunch and have fun for hours for free doesn't get any better.
Coastal decorating is a tricky one but I'm on a mission to add some of it in our home. Maybe some more plants and some fun art will do the trick. I'm not gonna go all Tommy Bahama on my fam but I die over a banana leaf print. 

I just ordered this vintage LIFE print. I can't handle these four girls in these suits. I hope one day our girls will be meeting at the beach surfing, laying out or whatever. 
Love the quilt over the white couch. Actually, this whole photo is my vibe.
Just need to finish it off with this view! I mean…come on!