Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Fun, Please Don't End!

More mouthwatering and gorgeous summer veggies from our garden. We love to give them away to our near and dear friends but mostly love to grill and devour them.
It is always great to end the night with smores around our fire pit. The tent thing is no rare occasion around here. For me, I like my bed.

Walk The Walk

Sal Masekela kept his funny humor through the whole show and was actually kinda sassy.
Hurley has a great opportunity for high schools and I was able to go, thanks Britt! Its called Walk the Walk and the students have to take Hurley clothes and make them extra special by sewing or being creative. These kids were very talented. The winning school was awarded $10,000 for the Art department, how sweet is that?!
This kid was so cute and I thought my girls would love this video. Very MJ worthy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Party time is always a good time!

Bon Fire, pool parties and friends oh my!
I can't even keep up with all our fun parties! We feel so blessed to have such great friends and family surrounding us.
Love the smores! A really YUMMY idea from my sweet friend, Keri, is to put Reeses Peanut Butter cups in the middle. Yummmmmmmy!!!
Birthday girl Hannah, on the left, is just as sweet as her dessert. Such a fun day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Livin' and Lovin' on the Lake, Austin, Texas

It was only four days but where there is water there is smiles, even when eyes are shut, peace and most of all, HAPPINESS! Always love a chance to water ski. Brings me back to being a kid and remembering all my river and lake trips.
Granny was helping Sofia and sure enough she got up!
No skiing for Bella but jumping off Ray and Becky's dock was a totally party for her.
Just before 7am, the house still quiet with everyone asleep, I grab a cup of coffee and head outside for a morning prayer. Is this called a gift or what? The morning sun and silent lake just before I left for a breathtaking run. Imagine waking up to this everyday? I guess the best things in life are free.
Looking back at these pictures reminds me of how good all these kids are. We are blessed and honestly I believe deep in their little hearts they were ultimately grateful for this special opportunity. Harper G, of course loving the ride from her daddy.
These smiles are the result of some really good times that will be forever remembered!

Friday, July 10, 2009

America, the beautiful!

Proud lil' American. Free to be who ever she chooses to be one day, we are so blessed to live in this great country. I just hope she chooses to keep clothes on one day.
Only a few times did we have to distract the girls from an arguement. Looks like uncle T was doing just that in this photo.
Finley loving life as she cools off in the 100+ degree weather and 90% humidity. Grandad and Nana
Jody, a third cousin and his son Riley, were amongst many, many new family members that we met.
This field was once cotton and is out Tim and Debbie's back door. We have the same picture of Sofia here when she was one and its awesome to be back here as our family has grown.
Nothing better than climbing on daddy. Loved hanging out at the hotel. A huge sign in the lobby greeted the Barton Reunion, yummy breakfast every morning, a few good runs were ran and the indoor pool was a family favorite. A meal at Saltlick. I never knew there was actual blocks of salt that cows lick. Jeff can't explain why but such a sight to see. Hundreds of cows lined up licking salt, funny. Bbq almost every night my dream come true. There is nothing like Texas food. This place was one of the best. We may move there just for that!
I usually don't put risque pictures of us on here but this is exactly how most of the nights ended. Beer in the hand, kids running everywhere and boys being boys. One of my handsome brother in laws, his gorgeous wife and they are holding my sweet new baby. Oh, wait, they still won't give her to me. I take those nice comments back until to hand her over! These two are best-est of buds, I love it! My favorite part of this picture is "team worry", quoted from Uncle T, behind the silly 2 year olds. There is a captain, Bella, and co captain, Finley. The names are a perfect fit. Cousin, Garrett, just enjoying the scene. Tim and Debbie on the left, hosted a beautiful and festive party with tons of food and special Texas touches everywhere. Jeff great photography was actually a surprise. We parked around a lake in a couple cars and watched the night light up in full celebration. The girls loved it! Many pictures of these two. I am amazed at this relationship daily. She is his carbon copy and he does no wrong in her eyes. Our red, white and blue girl in all her glory! Toads just hanging out, heaven for our crazy girls. Many, many of these great flags. We are so lucky to live here and be free.