Sunday, June 24, 2012

School's Out

Rubi's homeschool group (first semester)

Best Dad ever! Super cute too.
 Thankful to start summer and spend as much time at the beach as possible with our little sweeties. Or, go to a late night movie, spend time with family and old time friends and most excited to see Gina and the boys from Italy. Anxious for summer to start but some great memories of the 2011-12 year.
So very proud of Sweet Dorothy 

Times when I am blessed to be at our school. Another successful year at the Pilot Cup 

Little video of the coolest band to be in.

In addition to the garden and music room, science and computer labs, the school is now a big part of becoming green. That means trash cans at lunch to separate plastic/paper or add to all those composts. My fav part is PTA went paperless. Super cool for the kids to learn and apply this since we are not so great at home (trying to get better though).

Sofia was quite in awe over her teacher this year and thankful to get him for her 6th grade year as well. 

Bella had to have extra paper for her description. 

We were a able to join her at the Aquarium of the Pacific and loved every minute. 

By far the best choir and band taught by the fabulous Mr. S. Bella is excited to join Sofia up on that stage.

Our big graduate from preschool. Tears start just thinking she will be gone until 3 everyday. Wah!

Great project called Create a Skate. Kids learn how to apply all skills from math and science to engineering. Every school should do this organization. Sofia's was amazing! 

Talent show was a shinning moment for our girls. Sofia and and her sweet friend Selah. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chalkboard Room

We can't get over how much fun the new chalkboard paint is. Love how cozy the black wall, white bedding and furniture all make it feel. Bella wants a "native" touch so now onto homemade dreamcatchers, aztec fabric's and some other fun finds. Can't wait to finish.