Monday, April 29, 2013


In a week…
Sun! Thank you for coming out and warming us. We love you.
I am feeling blessed to live a life full of joy and to share all of it with really awesome people.

 Little Corona, one of our spots we love. The girls found 7 sea stars (star fish). The tide pool police were there and we got an ear full. Bella has a new career she is looking forward too. 
 Earth day (week) had a theme everyday and the kids took this very seriously. Thank goodness for amazing moms at our school because I was able to following along in the fun.

 Everyone should go see the dump. It was really sad but educational. I will try not to be so wasteful. 
 Stater Bros. trip for these little guys. Love these kids!
 Flower festival and a special date for these two.
 The sweetest little friends I'll ever have. 
 To Big Bear and beyond. We are very active when we come here. Games, hikes, zoo, tennis, bike rides, basketball, and you name it. I hope these kids remember how special this time is, I WILL.

 And to end our week with a party on the beach. So beautiful! 
 Icing on the cake to see these cuties.

 Really, Day of the Dead? As I see the other children with farm animals and butterflies, here these two come. 
I feel blessed beyond measures to live this busy, crazy fun filled life.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Its not very often a family of 3 asks a family of 6 to come stay at there 2 bedroom home but they took a chance on us!
 Five days of sunshine and rest, thank you Heidi and Tim! 

 Weather was hot and we were in suits, kinda my dream since the day I put a sweatshirt on.

 Major love for these girls

Yum food, great neighbors, good convo's, lots of laughs, always a great time.

Memories! I'm so grateful!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Antiquing at the Orange circle and staying over night in the same city where your babies are safe at home is the BEST and may become a habit.
Pretty much went to chair heaven when I spotted these. $2500 made my smile turn into a pout. Maybe because of the perfect hot pink and custom metal. They were perfection. Then I came across this huge and perfect chandelier that I wanted for my outside table.
Way over priced just like everything else I wanted. Wah!

 More than excited to have found a bamboo shelf on the side of the road the other day.
 I have big plans for her.
 And then there is the special birthday girl. She is a gem!
 Dinner at Habana with my sweet Joyce 
 and another day of antiquing at the great park
 Finished with food trucks and root beer floats. 
and while we were gone these boys got 10th in a huge bbq festival. Watch out bbq world, team Twisted Brisket is now in the game.


Nothing but the best goes into a party given by Kara. She has given me a few in our friendship and she is all heart. Look at that flower cake! Happy birthday sweet Ava!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Happy Birthday to husband of the year! 
Best cook, laundry man, cleaner upper, patient, kind person around. 
The roles around have changed but I know I am the luckiest lady around. 
I thank God for you err'day!

Crazy that at 15, God had a plan for me and you. All these years later you still are the hardest worker, country boy at heart, sports lovin', sweet man.

Fun dad and camper of the year too! I could go on and on but I love that you try to better yourself throughout the years as a dad, husband, friend, son and brother. I pray this is a healthy and happy year. Love you poonchky!

Always a special occasion when we have fresh flowers, although that shouldn't be the case. 
 Upside down pineapple cake is the best thing from Pampered Chef. 
 We love you Jeffy! You are seriously so amazing to us!