Sunday, June 28, 2009

Texas run

No options here, it's run through wheat and corn feilds or run with
the horses.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here comes the sun...

This picture I loved! I saw it it New Mexico on our way to Texas. It reminded of when we get home we would have these amazing fruit and veggies awaiting our mouths and tummy's to enjoy
We have had the most fun with this attempt at gardening. Even our good friends become involved and excited about our veggies and fruit.
The girls can't wait to pick their lettuce. We are learning about patience, discipline and persistence, even good (the result) and evil (weeds, animals and bugs) with this garden. Never thought I could teach from the bible with a simple garden.
It actually is a dream come true to be sitting in our garden eating right out of it. Might be weird but it is a very special memory and I hope we keep it going for many years. Eve and Sophie, Bella and Sofia loved picking our huge zucchini. We later grilled it and put some feta and chives on it, yummy! Next up, we will be stuffing an enormous one with sausage and goodies. Can't wait.
This spring, we started a garden with no idea on how to do it. We even got the wrong seeds for our climate with the wrong start dates. We really don't know what we're doing. Good news though, if you have soil, water. seeds and sun, things will grow. I think we are all surprised that we love our garden as much as we do. When a vegetable suddenly appears we practically have a party. The first to sprout was the radish's. To spicy for the babes but I loved every bit of them. The zucchini has been the biggest hit and it was started from uncle T. We have grilled and steamed them and they are oh so gooooood! We have been eating the beans right off the plant, dirt and all. The girls are looking forward to the artichokes and I am looking forward to the lettuce and tomatoes. Another reason to love summer and being home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mud Run

My fun team! The greatest part was having to finish together. You guys rocked! Sorry we got lost!
Camp Pendleton holds a annual 10K full of MUD, HILLS, beautiful terrain and one of the most awesome events ever! I loved crossing the lake, hurt myself going over the walls and laughed a lot with great friends. This is a must do every year! At one point when running up the 4 mile hill I got emotional. We looked like we were in Iraq or something. People were stopping to take pics next to big tanks and marines were squirting us with fake guns and I just had a moment. It was awesome to imagine that guys and gals actually train here for us, and even to make it more personal, for me. I love doing these kind of runs because when I wake up early to run down Fairview or Harbor looking at the cars and smelling the fumes, I imagine myself back at this kind of moment. Please remind me that this was hard and I need to train but loved every second of it. Always a big thanks to our babysitter, who in this case was mimi Lori and papa Jim.

Monday, June 15, 2009

San Elijo 09"

San Elijo 2009, Mothers Day at its best! I feel like the luckiest mama in the world. I have the greatest friends and family, an amazing husband who loves us and will do anything for me, healthy kids who adore me and a loving God who gives me all this and more. I could have never imagined!Each year our neighborhood friends all come together around Cinco De Mayo for camping and some fun in the sun. We play all day long on the beach and tire our little babies out so when night comes, they're safe and sound asleep. This year was a bit different with sweet Rubi not feeling well but we pulled together and made the most of it. I have major crushes on these two lately.
This was fun either way, standing or falling.Is it me, or do they look nervous?I was clueless on the Paddle Board but with a few tips from Kelis bro, Blair, I was standing steady. I loved it so much I found myself thinking of what I would do differently next time I go out. She actually looks like she knows what she's doing. This girl is up for any adventure and that is one of the many things Jeff and I love about her. Thanks to Tim, Sofia was able to try the paddle board as a surf board. It was a bit chilly but she loved it! Lilah was a happy camper. Her memories, sleeping, playing and most of all, eating sand. What a fun surprise to have the Finley and Harper join us on Mothers Day for some fun in the sun, well, actually shade.

Sneaky girl

This is the fourth angel in our life, our little doll. This is also, I think, our dangerous, silliest, craziest and loudest of them all. I took out the trash knowing I better watch her because she heard it from the living room while playing. Sure enough, her toys were an afterthought and this was an adventure. This is her cracking up after I caught her in the act.
She thinks she is being a sneak as she looks for me but I now watch her every second or ELSE!
This girl has a sparkle about her, she brings us such delight!