Sunday, January 27, 2008

All Dress Up

What happens when you're cleaning and trying to organize? Well, in a world with no kids, it would get done. In our world, it gets more unorganized and messier than it started. Sofia and Bella picked out their favorite items, including panties, and strutted their stuff around. It was way more fun to be messy and play dress up than to clean and organize.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Is this legal? We took these pics because we had a coupon for a free 8x10. I hope I don't go to jail for putting them on the internet without buying them. By the way, our photo doesn't have the word "zazzle" across it but what a fun word to say!

I just got some more Arizona pictures and I have a big smile on my face because it brings back fun memories.

Rain and Rubi

Rubi's first taste of rain. I wish you could of heard her, all giggles!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Memories!!! Bella is wearing a dress of mine from Winter Formal 13 years ago. It kinda looks like a tutu. Maybe deep down I wanted to be a ballerina or something. Who knows what was going through my mind as a 16 year old. I just knew I wanted Jeff to twirl me in it. Sad to say, I can't really remember the dance...we'll just say he was a great twirler!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rubi...big girl already?

Rubi Joy is always trying to be like her big sisters. This is just to much! I just really wanted to document that tummy of hers.

Monday Funday

Sofia was home today because of Martin Luther King, we thanked him for that! It was such a fun filled day and I wish we had more of them. The day started with the Roches stopping by and changing our fish water, we gag at that and thank Keli very much for her talents. Then off to Balboa Island for a feild trip of the best coffee, well, thats what I told the girls and of course the ferry. I had no idea of the rain but I don't think that would of stopped us from going. We went to Starbucks to wait for Bryan, Myra and baby Ava and Bella knocked over a bunch of bikes from a bike club that came from HB. One of the girls said, I knew that was going to happen right when they sat down. I wanted to backhand her but I kindly said, oh, I'm soooo sorry. Of course Bella was histarically crying which made Rubi sad, so off to the candy store. The ferry was probably the best part, maybe tied with Wilmas Patio because we got to eat lunch with Uncle B and Auntie My. Driving to the ferry we were scared the van would sink it. When I got there the nice man waved me to come down so I punch it to get on and the poles turned my mirrors in, no damage though. So fun!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who's up for the Challenge?

Okay, so that half marathon we just completed has got me thinking...its time to do another full. A few friends seem interested so I thought we could get a training group together and stick to the plan, 3 days on your own and a long Saturday run together. Most training guides are mapped out for an 18 week period and that is about the time frame for the San Diego Rock in Roll Marathon, June 1st. I kept my great material from TNT about hydration, stretching, icing, sports nutrition, and cross training. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? There is nothing greater than having a goal set and then completing it. I can't wait for this new endeavour!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This OC girl keeps her Texas daddy close at heart, or feet that is.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We can now say our Rubi Joy is a walker! Yippee! She is almost 15 months and I know everybody was telling me that it was no big deal but honestly, it was a big deal to me. I am tired of carrying her all over the place. Tuesday at gymnastics, I was able to sit on the bench and watch her walk all over the place. I know, I sound very lazy but it really is just so cute to watch those tiny little feet and her huge grin. She is so proud of herself.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old Navy Sale

Yes, Christmas just passed and we don't need anything but who wants to turn down a great sale? My sweet friend Keli (or shall we say Vanna) and I went to the clean and big Old Navy sale at the Spectrum. This means 75% off clearance items. My ornaments were 99 cents. You all know I love a sparkle tree! The girls got skinny jeans for $4 and we picked up some birthday gifts.
Okay, I know the kids don't play soccer but the ball was only 49 cents. I can't pass that up!
For all my prego chicks I have a great friend who is one of those friends you don't have to talk to everyday to just know that she'll be in your your life forever, her name is Andrea. She had a vision and now it has come into fruition and you have to check it out! There is a website, or track her endeavor because she will be everywhere soon enough at http://shopbyog.blogspot

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We're Baaack!

Its 2008 and we're back after a fun and exciting holiday season. So sad it has come and gone so quickly. Don't we always say that? A ton has happened since my last little post. I never did get those cute boots from Harlow... My marathon in October was a huge success from so many generous people who brought me there and a little training. San Fransisco was dreamy, I belong in that kind of place. I ran through the city and through parts I would have never known existed. Redwoods, homes that resembled castles, a beautiful beach, oh and lets not forget about the hills. My cheerleaders ROCKED and Granny and Grandad were angels for taking the girls overnight. Bella had her 4th birthday on the way home and the pilot let her see the cockpit and she got a sticker of wings. They don't hand out pins anymore due to the weapons factor. We won't tolerate any of that Osama! Rubi had her 1st party as well. She is now an official "wild woman". Well, she is more like a naively naughty one.
Our fabulous family, our good friends and our great neighbors came for the soiree.
The birthday queen.

Nike Womens Marathon

The city looked like my kids had barfed up pink all over it, I loved it. One morning while my mom and Jim had the girls Jeff and I met my dad and Terri down by the wharf and had Irish coffees. We then headed up to Union Square to get my race info and stumbled upon the Nike store. We found my name on the wall in PINK. With all of my nerves racing with excitement and anxiety and then exploding the night before the race, in the toilet, I must say this was the coolest of them all!

I am at mile 24ish and I am at the point of craziness. Yes, I was sad it was coming to an end but acting out in ways I wish not to explain. You could compare it to a wannabe comedian on HBO who is not funny but vulgar. I am immitating a girl who crossed the Iron man and lost control of her sphyncster. I'll leave it at that.

Little Runners

I don't know how to rotate the pictures, bummer!
Sofia and Lexina at the Kids Rock 1 mile run in Arizona. The girls endured a 12 hour + road trip while putting up with their crazy and silly daddies loaded up on Rock Star and Monster. My dad and Terri brought Greyson and Camden who also ran it and did fabulous! All the kids received sparkly medals, treats and most of all a popsicle. It was a special time for Sofia (and Jeff and I) because Bella and Rubi were with Granny and Grandad. My mom and Jim were amazing hosts who were also called Juan and Juanita for the great services they provided which included driving, babysitters, and cleaners. We finished the weekend with a successful half marathon. Jeff and I, my dad, Tim and Heidi. We all had a blast and can't wait for the pictures.