Friday, February 15, 2013


 Pools everywhere were having tons of kids play there little heart out. We were right there cheering our CMAC co ed team who played 5 games over the weekend.

So proud of this team! 

Go heart yourself! That is what I heard from our not so quiet 4 year old. Valentines was a big hit this year. I guess everything is bigger and better as they get older. The girls helped Bella blow 35 eggs out, paint/glitter, roll a letter and individulally wrap each egg in its own box. The kids loved smashing the eggs on there head and getting her "eggtastic" note. 

 Bella made a mailbox to look like a cake. She had a total vision that had to be created which included ombre tissue paper. Tally's are in and she is hoping to win for most beautiful. I wish I had a picture of her that day. She wore a puffy pink dress and a big flower in her hair. She is one of the smallest fourth graders and she is so precious with her big heart. She said a lot of people asked why she was so fancy and she responded with "its a holiday, an excuse to wear a dress".  I love that girl.

 And the best part of all, we woke up to gift certificates and really sweet cards. They girls get to go to yogurt land on a date and I am getting a new bathing suit. This one to be exact.

Monday, February 4, 2013


 I LOVE the oc mart mix! Something happened…its WAY better. Tea house, fabric galore, furniture and so much more to fall in love with. Excited for my Chalk paint too!
Since the Mart Mix is really just for the eye, thirfting always comes through. Gots to get my sell-on ebay to save up for my rug. Sofia is turning 12 in a few weeks and asked for floral Doc's. These brand new docs we're practically free. So wish they had pretty little flowers on them.

 Who the heck taught this cutie how to hula hoop? Lets forget about the outfit and look at that face. She couldn't be a more happier peanut than being here. And I get to experience it with her. My heart is so full being with these kids and parents. 

 Every year we get to visit this awesome city.

 Thanks to my mom and papa Jim the girly girls got treated to a fun weekend.

 New restaurants, lots of shopping, sweet condo and the cutest baby bump. 

 Some trips are a hit and some a miss. Its a home run! Gonna be thinking of these three for a long time. 


 Oh what was that?
 Yes, just what you were thinking. These girls are so awesome. We are the luckiest parents ever! 
Our day was filled with new friends and a very late including a jam sesh lead by Sofia and some amazing musicians. A night to remember.