Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Horizontal

After a camping trip, we rolled on up to our house with sixteen freshly pruned rose bushes and a rotten ten year old picket fence for all to see. We were forced to have a new fence and we're goin' horizontal.

 So great having a hubby to make our dreams come true. We were inspired by the OC Mart Mix by how the wood was combined with metal but we'll have a couple way better surprises.

 Although the rain came our rockin friends and family powered through. Yep, all that grass and dirt is outta here. Soon, a couple great spots to chat with the hood and watch the kids scooter and bike around. Thanks again Trav, Grandad, Donny, Tim, Trent and Filemon. 

I am freaking out and excited to say, to be continued...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its Been Real

Happy birthday to the Harp's! These two five year olds are PRECIOUS! 
Been Goodwilling and flipping my finds for some fabcash (fabric cash). Fabric hunting seems like an everyday deal. I want the best deal or no deal! Its fabulous when you come upon a Trina Turk, West Elm or other special prints for $3.99 a yard. I really badly want to get some curtains up but I just can't find that perfect stripe. 
Dorell Fabric Outlet
 A couple of cuties and one little mischievous girl at neighbors for din din. Have I mentioned we have the best neighborhood with the best cooks in town.

Oh, I went red, well, kinda pink. Woops!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Navy Seal Challenge

U12 rocked the challenge as they ran 1 1/2 miles, sit ups, push ups, pull ups and a 500 yard swim. So proud of them!

More on the story,0,613901.story

SK8'n It Up

Katie invited us with her Sunshine preschool, to go roller skating. It was so fun because the skates were tightened and they gave the kids a lesson. The girls can't wait to go next month. She is truly a gifted teacher and her students LOVE her. My girls were very jealous of the attention she was giving them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just can't get enough of this sweet chandelier Julie gave me. Little Green Notebook pushed me to paint it and gives the easiest direction on cornices out of foam core and duck tape.
Jeff is the best as always making me what I need. Long narrow table fits our dinning room just perfect. And ready to redo that picture wall.
Sad little bench found on sidewalk needed some love. Trina Turk outdoor, $9, and nailhead strip from Joanne's made this an easy job. Girls don't want me to sell but other projects are calling my name.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Our idea of awesomeness is playing at the bay, the beach or the pool. It's been a while but today was one of those days. Hope you're loving the sunshine.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ringing' In the New Year

Happy New years to all. We celebrated with our neighbors (extended family) and the girls were wonderful. Sofia helped Jen set up the day before which in result had a fabulous candy bar, clock theme table scape and beautiful decorations. Thanks Jeffy for the pic's. Only wish I had some of our yumylicious five course sit down dinner and dancing the night away. We pray for many blessing of health and happiness to all our friends and family for 2012.