Monday, January 21, 2013


Always trying to capture a fun moment or a memory with the iPhone. But really, why? I have about 3k pictures on my phone. This week my goal is to clean that up before Heffe and I go on a trip!

Sunshine Co Op preK is one amazing school for tiny nuggets. Oh my goodness. I am blessed to be apart of this time with our Dahl.
New adventures for Rubi Joy. The love of gymnastics is deep in this girl and coming from un-flexable parents, she is ready and willing to tackle it all. We finally started gymnastics. You go girl!

Making time for one on one dates has been so special. Some fun gift cards lead us to Build a Bear. Sometimes I forget to do these things having a 9 and 11 year old. I absolutely adore this rockstar. She is as special as they come. Well, I suppose they all are but OMgoodnes, she is RAD! She can sing like an angel (but won't perform for people), her style is hilarious, she is literal, her memory is crazy, she is kind hearted and in love with her sisters (we'll not discuss her messiness). Thank you God for letting us raise her. 
I love going to flea markets, don't we all? Rose Bowl, Long Beach, Santa Monica and the use to be IVCollage. First went when Jeff and I bought the house and we practically furnished our whole home; Rachel Ashwell style. Kinda wished I kept all that junk. 

Will be going back next month to Long Beach after my ebay goods sell to get a couple of these pullies for some lights.
something similar to below

Family night is the best. The kids love going to Fashion Island. Coy pond, fountain, window shopping, pet shop and shared cupcakes wraps up an awesome night for our little fam. Heffe was giving us his wish list…it was long in Nike.

Have I mentioned I adore my family.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Some people in this little family of ours are crazy hard workers. Some big ones and even some tiny ones, some just want to play. Ok, I'll just say it...I'm the one who just wants to play. Jeff rocks and so do the girls. He made camping so much fun with a roaring fire all the time, bocce ball, whale and dolphin sightings plus amaze-amaze-amaze food. We are thankful!

A few days of our family included Rummicube, books, more games, long walks, bikes, skateboardingver and a few more days with friends. Looking over the water in San Elijo, in January, playing at the beach and feeling so blessed. What could be better?