Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our first annule sample sale went great for POETS. I love serving this way and if you ever want to help out, just email me. Poests was started by a group of moms who met for playgroup once a week but wanted to do more for our community. We felt that we were "Put On Earth To Serve". POETS has been working to help families and children in Orange County since April 2008. We offered lunch and dessert and it was well worth it! Yummy! The best helper ever, my hubby!
We offered a some fun goodies which in turn helped out Poets and will bless many people.
Always fun to shop Hurley for $5, can't beat that!
One of my fav's, Do Pretty.
Such a success and we hope next year will be better. Thanks to all helping hands!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Almost everyday at the pool has made us lovin' on summer. We've brought friends, swam with cousin's or just hang out as a fam. Its been such a blessing teaching lessons and papa Jim and mimi have been so gracious to open there home to many families. These two are such Bff's when it comes to water.One of my best students EVER! She is on to back stroke and loves the butterfly kick. Mimi and Auntie Myra enjoying the sun. We are so anxious for those HOT days to come.
Daddy and his little Rj.
My sweet Shauna, love her!
So proud of Lilah who is an awesome little swimmer.
Gg and Auntie T loved watching the kids.
Always a fun time when Uncle T visits.
Although we haven't been to the beach more than a couple of times, I caught myself telling a friend this has been the best summer ever.

Our Big Pre Schooler

Its always a good day to experience a "first". Our sweet Rubi Joy, had her first day at Preschool. It was so special to have her sisters there to help her and be excited with her. Loved every moment!
The anticipation to show off her Dora lunch box finally arrived and she was so proud.We think its very cool that cousin Harper is in the next class.
Rubi was so excited to give Harper the bracelet she made for her first day.
I miss every second Rubi is gone. What a silly, joyful little one she is.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Go Dodgers!

Love my sweet Dodger fan! Although we lost we still won with a seacret tailgate party, yummy nacho's, hotdogs, peanuts, m&m's and serious bad food for you.
These cute Angel fans are always a fun date!

Big Memories in Big Bear

I felt so greatful to escape to Big Bear for a couple days. In a nutshell, my weekend included waking up from the best bed and then yummy coffee to family walks to the park and boat rides in the lake. The only thing that could be better would be to add in a few runs, a couple more days and more pictures of Grandy with the girls!
Breakfast is always better when made with Papa.
Already looking forward to another visit.