Friday, October 4, 2013


I love letting the girls decorate their space. This art wall will be every changing with 5 and 10 year old art. 
Can't wait to put some roman shades up and the swing arm lamps. My little book worm will just love that for her late night reads.
Heffe is the best and is helping me give Sofia and Rubi a makeover.

The new room will have a "coastal chic" feel as Sofia put it. So we had to visit Bliss in CDM for inspo. These plants are so welcoming, I just love it!

This little linen and nailhead table would be the easiest DIY. We may do a similar version for a piano table.

She was in serious covet mode here. This girl loves a cozy bed and loves to snuggle me although she is going on 13. 

 These tables and floors...
 There will be a touch of gold so we love the pillows and blue with the fabric headboard. 
 Sofia took this for Bella. Our little Bells goes crazy over crystals and books. And we just gave her some bookshelves what better way then to display them together. 
 And off to Anthro. with another daughter.
 This little fox hook, to cute. All I can think of is that song, "What the fox say, neneneneneneee…"
 I spelled out READ for Bella for her shelves. At $20 a book we'll have to save up or make our own.
 This rug at Z galore was on sale for $200. It was super soft and pretty big. 
 And a date night to end our window shopping night. So fun hanging with my girls individually.