Thursday, April 14, 2011


We're halfway in our spring break and since Jeff is in Mammoth until the end of the weekend we are loving our stay-cation. A big thank you to God for giving us some sweet sunshine. Such special times to take these girls out on the water, where I believe my heart truly belongs.
A trip around the bay equals a great day for the little Rices. Everyone wants to be captain on "Chance".
Great little helpers. I love that the cart says pool use only but we're rockin it out on the docks.
A couple fun dates with some special friends.
A long run to Mutts and then a Blue Moon celebration.
Feathers! Thanks to Nicole at the Cody Rose salon. So fun, even Lilah loves hers.
Youth Expo! This was such a fun experience, for FREE!
The girls wanted to be a bubble but the line was super long. I'm sure this will be a must at the fair this summer.
Our girls have always been bug kids. Bella was so excited about the roaches and spiders. All I could say was ewwww! We kept on having to go back to let her hold them.
Exciting to see cousin Tess here at the pretend farm. The girls loved it here and it was mess free.
And a trip to Pretend City with mimi and papa. Looks and sounded so great, can't wait to go myself. Well, I'm just pretending about that. A trip to the beach sounds a bit more relaxing.
Excited for what the rest of the week has to offer. Praying my sweet Jeffy, his brothers and dad have a great safe fishing trip.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ranch Roudup

Sofia has been doing Ranch, which is a great program through our school at the Fairgrounds. She takes care of the animals and even experienced handling and lovin' all the new babies that were recently born. She took care of gardens, cooked with all the veggies they grew, made leather and learned how to ride horses. Her appreciation for our earth and the animals are much greater because of this program.
Special dinner ceremony for all the students and parents. Each child was honored for there hard work.
These sweet people would meet the kids outside of school and walk them across the street and help prepare there food. The staff here is the best!
I came early one day to find Sofia walking this guy around on a leash.
We'll miss you little goat! See you soon this summer at the fair.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Daddy's Day

Fun date with dad to the Irvine park. I love looking at these pictures. Lilah's shoes are to big, Bella doesn't match and Rubi's hair accessory is Jeff's hat. What matters is that they had a great time. These kind of trips with daddy include reading those signs that tell about the animals history.
Ice cream ended the day because dates with dads are all about fun!