Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer at the Dunes

Since Gina comes home in the summer we have a summer camp out at the Dunes. Long walks to Balboa, tasty buffets, coffee on the beach, paddle boarding and so many memories. I feel so blessed that I am close to my cousins and our kids are tight. 
Love me some Gina! Beautiful smile and such a big heart. 

Italian stallion at best.

Gram here with some of her great grandkids. I adore her!

Gina's "Molly the Moth" is a must told story that we all end up in belly laughter.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jr. Guards

 There is a perfect strand of beach between Monarch Beach and Salt Creek called Strands, and we loved it! Sofia had many memories, made new friends
and loved every second of Jr. Life Guards.

These 3 were awesome every morning packing up there gear and out the door by 8:30. After a ride down to Strands, no cell and pure beauty until 3pm.

Maybe these birds are sisters?  I wish it was with my camera and not my phone because it reminds me the Lord blessed us with our four lil' birdies. 

Uncle Greyson (and Grandy) came to visit

The girls made a sweet friend, Sage. These kids dug all day long or swam and played on the rocks. Until next year...

Monday, July 2, 2012

No Gloom in June

Soccer wraps up for the girls 
A growing love for the water in every way with this one.

I'll mis this sweet group of kids. Fun helping in Bella's class this year. 

Lots of time spent here.

Reading on the way to school, who would of thought?

"Eye" love these 4! An instagram post from Sofia.

 We average a camping trip every other weekend and are so greatful for our hard working daddy.

Sweet friends from Rudy's spoiled us with a yummy breakfast. Can't wait for Ohana's House to open in Aug.

The party for Wizard of Oz was a great Success. Love to work with my girl Katie.

Celebration of GG's 80th. 

Celebration for a great friend, Junior. Logged 20,000 miles since Nike+ started. Nike honored him with a few fun gadgets and a special T. 

bbq festival in full effect. From nascar to meat lovers delight. 

And this little Joy of ours had her first hair cut. So pretty!