Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sugar & Spice

And everything oh so nice.We had a shower here for the beautiful Cindy and precious baby Catalina. I can't wait to meet and hold her. No pictures of them because these were taken with my iPhone and then it died before they arrived.
They advice tree was filled with good suggestions and the take home gifts were such a hit. I'm going to tell Veronica to start her own party planning business.
The silhouette theme is timeless and made everything look so pretty.
Candy table always a winner, especially with cotton candy. Picturesque bouquets from Julie. Gets me excited for spring and our roses that will fill our home.
A fabulous day! So thankful for Jeff for taking the girls to the zoo. Can't wait to go through those pics.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blissful in Big Bear

A quick trip for the girls and I and what fun we had! When traveling with Jeffy, its the destination that matters but with me, its the journey. Consequently, it took 4 hours to get us home...
First time in the snow for this little Dahl. She treasured it.
Sofia being very creative, took the sled to Papa and Grandy's first home which lies behind there present home. This picture is of our only "frenzied" snow moment. You can see her shoe got stuck in the snow and her foot was wet with no socks. She's crying and Bella is yelling, at me.
Finally, Sofia's rockin a ramp and loving it.
Oh Big Bear, how we LOVE you and can't wait to return!