Monday, December 21, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year...

This time really is the most wonderful time of the year. We have been able to catch up with old friends and family with many parties and occasions this year. The perfect cure for any gloominess are the people in our lives. I could brag all day about them and wish I could get out more to see them. Our house has been decked out (!) with decorations, thanks to the hand-me-downs from my Grandma, Mimi and Granny. Of course the most important story here in the Rice home is the birthday boy himself, Jesus. Along with His story, we are also keeping the magic here alive with Santa, his reindeer's and the Elf on the Shelf. Boat Parade, Balboa Bay Club Antique nut cracker from GG
We adore Jeff's snow globes. Most are from his memaw who is now in heaven. Are they vintage now that some are over 30 years old (hehe)?
Favorite part of the house, girls Christmas projects.
We had so much decor that we moved a table under the TV to display.
Thanks to my dear friend, Angie, who gave us the "Elf on the Shelf" a four years ago. Elfie also has a book and it comes out every year with the ornaments and we all read it together. He has a great story and the kids LOVE it! They wake up every morning to search for him because he lands in a different spot throughout the house. Each night he flys to the North Pole and reports to Santa on how the girls have behaved. This has been a great tradition that our children will remember for years to come. Thanks sweet friend!

Love the geometry project the girls brought home from school. We have been able to make snowflakes and it has kept palydates very exciting and they always turn out beautiful. The girls were able to decorate Grandads (Candy's dad) rehabilitation room. Please keep him in your prayers as he gets stronger from his stroke. We hope you all are having "the most wonderful time of year" in your home!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3*2*1, wow!

Tonight was total crackup after the count down for our home tree lighting ceremony. I don't recommend giving a 3 year old hot cocoa in a tea cup, unless your ready for the worst. Isn't the worst sometimes so worth it though? I wish I planned it better because it would have been so cute to see them all in there new Christmas pj's (Bella is wearing her snowmen). Granny got all the grandgirls the cutest, snuggliest pj's as it seems to be her tradition now for many years. We had put the baby down for safety reasons since each girl had broke an ornament. Thank goodness it wasn't my glittery-sparkle ones from my sweet Kara. We have been exchanging for the past 7 years and I LOVE getting them out each year. The rest of the tree, well, the girls go wild for the decorations.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Baby...

The girls were very excited to see Santa's helper here at Fashion Island. I heard them whisper that his beard was real so maybe he is the real deal. Rubi was not interested but happy after he gave her a book. The picture is free if you bring your own camera too. LOVE IT!!! Sofia was in serious thought when he asked her what she wanted. Bella had a whole list and he was a good listener. Her #1 thing is a real pretty school desk, the old fashion kind.We'll just have to wait and see.
Just hoping to get a good one from all of them. Blurry+bad lighting=bummer.
Its so great that daddy gets home early because he goes in so early. Although we still have to make it happen, we get to spend extra time together. Last weekend was our 11th year anniversary married and 16 years all together so for that reason I feel so lucky for that advantage!
Both of these two ran over to the Betsy Johnson store to get a better view of this tree. One year we had a hot pink sparkle flocked tree and Sofia so badly wants that again. Maybe next year...
Yep, she would of gone right in.
Our night ended at Wahoo's which is always a rockin' night for the Rices!

Let the Fun Begin

I love this time of year! We are so THANKFUL for our family and to those who filled our bellies with the yummy food. Love this time of year because we get to celebrate Jesus and its such a fun time in our community of friends and neighborhood. Already our house and street is getting sparkly. The girls SO "get it" this year. Each year gets better and better as they get older. They have already thought out what they can make and sell to give proceeds to POETS. That is such a beautiful gift when you see your child's true heart. The fun begins here during Thanksgiving and the celebration continues. Oh Whitney, you are so loved! Uncle B and Auntie My lov'in on Jeffy.
Sweet lil' Finley isn't into me taking pictures these days. I will just have to be sneaky about it!
How sweet are these girls! Our little Bennett June is the high light of family nights. She is six months and has mastered crawling and standing up already. Watch out world, she is one to keep an eye on!You can always count on Aunt Jojo to have a baby in her hands. One of the first words out of Ava's mouth were, Bella. Its really sweet to be able to see them grow into freinds and have so much love for each other.
And the love I have for this one....
Its so fun to have this place where I can really look back at these pictures and truly feel blessed and not just say it.
Another night of Thanksgiving goodness.We were so excited to have Brian down from Texas for the week and were very stuffed from the turkey's he fried. Here he is a little tuckered out, as those Texas people would say.
Mimi and Papa were able to join the Rices for some celebration and always lending an extra arm or two.
Spreading the love on a loving day.
These girls are darling! I don't know if its the age, the tiny little bodies or the cuteness but they are amazing. And together, I just can't get enough of them!
We are so thankful for all of our Grandparents. The girls are so blessed to have their "greats"be such a big part of their lives. G Pops is about to turn 80 in January and he is the best. He always gets down to the girls level and is crazy with them. Be careful not to egg him on, he just might end up in a head stand or something, seriously! They got the girls a ton of things as usual. Books, pens, writing pads, super soft new bear (why are our girls so into stuffed animals?), a new sweet baby and bassinet and the cutest cheetah jacket. Wow, we are Thankful!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Picture?

As we were getting ready for Thanksgiving the girls were getting decked out in cheetah galore. Sofia and Bella made hair clips, planned special outfits and even used cheetah fabric to add to Bella's top. They were so cute and sweet about the whole look they were going for. I thought it would just be perfect if I was able to get a Christmas picture, ya right. Although, I didn't get a picture, I love looking back at the few shots I took because Lilah was cracking us up. She LOVES the camera more than any baby I know. We are just having to much fun with this little one. Notice the last picture? Rubi saw this and screamed out of excitement that Dora made it into the Christmas card. Another giggle from the girls that I love to think about.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost 80 in November

We love days like today! The only things that are missing are 2 big
girls and waves. There's always tomorrow!

Lessons of a Lifetime

Some of my two favorite books these days. The Are and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet. I had the pleasure of attending her "Baking Boot camp" last year for my birthday from my mother in law, Candy. She autographed my book saying, Here's to all the sweet things in life". You'll appreciate her guiding you along as you tackle any of her recipes. Another one is The River Cottage Family Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall &Fizz Carr. This is an the best book ever! I try to include the kids in the kitchen but sometimes it is just a pain. This gives us projects they really can handle. Did you ever know that just by putting heavy cream in a jar and shaking it makes butter?
We captured a few that the girls were so excited about. Bella and Sofia waited patiently for there rolls to be done. We noticed that fresh baked bread can be smelled from outside. Spread with our homemade butter you would think we lived on Little House on the Prarie.
Karate chopping was there favorite part.
Sofia was very serious about her bread and Bella just wanted to have a ball with it. Am I relating our kids view on life to making bread?
These really are more than cookbooks, they encourage us to be together in the kitchen and that's really what matters. Gift idea for anyone???