Sunday, March 6, 2011

Running for a cure!

As Jeff left for work I went back and forth, should I go? Woke the girls up at 7 and we were out the door by 8. Not a usual Saturday for them. I was so glad because I was inspired beyond words and it went right through to my heart. Thats when you know something is good, when your spirit is touched. Signed up for Team in Training who raise funds for the Leukemia Society. We're running the Rock in Roll marathon in June and I have a goal to raise $2500. Running for me is great physically but the people who love it the most are the girls. Sofia and Bella push me. They beg and plead to go further on the river trail or at the Back Bay. Here, Lilah and Rubi are at the Moon Park. This is our families fav park. There is 2 sets of playgrounds and a huge moon right next to the river trail.
Good news, Bank of America will match any cash I recieve. So if you were to give me a check for $20, it will end up being $40. Wow, thank you Myra!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Night to Celebrate

Sofia got baptised. It was such a beautiful display of her growing faith. Since last year she witnessed so many who did at the fairgrounds during Easter. She has asked questions and to be honest, it then required me to search the bible and answer her. She took an intense children's class on baptism and through some cute activities she learned a few facts. The purpose of baptism is simply a way of signifying to others of your decision to accept Christ. Baptism is symbolic of your relationship with Jesus in the same way that a wedding ring is symbolic of your marriage. Hangin' with Grandad while nervous but so pumped.
I baptise her which was a very special memory. It was also exciting because Jessica and her mom were also baptised.
Is baptism required? We learned that its important to Jesus and in the bible 104 times but isn't required for salvation. Matt. 28:18 - 20 he tells his disciples, "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." It wasn't enough for Jesus to have the disciples go and preach and lead people to Christ but he clearly thought they should all be baptized as a declaration of their salvation.

Its So True

When people say, "where has the time gone"? I catch myself saying that. Our sweet little baby is now 10 years old. I love it! Look at these silly girls. A mind of there own, creative, energetic and so lovely. We had a fabulous time.
Daddy, or these days, dad, made a yummy dinner to start the night off. We went to the Spectrum for Rocky Mountain Choc. Factory apples and carousel. Ended up shopping, dancing and a lot of singing. Movie and popcorn to end our fabulous night. Happy 10th birthday my love!