Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Cupcake Day

Can you believe all these cute kids? Thank goodness for all my good friends, especially Keli, who helped clean up. Everybody pitched in for cute boxes to take home their crazy cupcakes. Heidi, Diana and Trae had the fun job of actually making the boxes, boxes. Maile and Sadie enjoying the sweet treats.
All smiles from Sofia. What more could a kid ask for, friends, frosting and a fantastic day. Keli, Joyce (with Gigi), and Angie are some of the greatest people in my life.
Getting ready for Valentines Day we decided to have a decorationg cupcakes and exchange party. Everybody brought 12 or more like 24 each and we let the kids go wild with decorations. It was so fun and delioucious! I can't wait for next year to come so we can do it again.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

What a fabulous party we had Superbowl Sunday. Sounds like we were nominated last minute to have a party which was great because we had no place to go. Thanks to everyone who brought side dishes and a big thanks to Hali for cleaning up. We love having our door open to all of our great friends!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Does this look fun to you? Not the golf cart, kids or cute present but the big belly. Well it doesn't matter because I'm going to do it again.
Our little family of five is now going to be a family of SIX. Yes, this is a suprise to us and after 48 hours of knowing that I am pregnant, I can say we are exciting. God thinks he is so funny and such a comedian because on Monday I gave away everything including our infant carseat, our single jogger, maternity clothes and a whole bunch of baby stuff to a single mom to be. Jeff says she needs it more than us but come on, I only wished I held on to that stuff one more day. Anyone want to loan me some maternity clothes? We just ask you all to pray for a healthy little bundle of joy. Its crazy we were here just 15 months ago. I can't wait to be on that hospital bed finding out what she or he (theres a chance) looks like.

Cheer Camp at CMHS

Sofia was in heaven at cheer camp with her sweet friends Lexina and Sophie. The girls learned a few cheers, ate pizza and then performed for the half time show for the varsity basketball game. Jeff and I haven't seen a smile on her face like that in a long time. She was called the "flyer" and was very excited to be up in the air. Her friends took this very seriously and held her up with there strong little muscles. It was very cute to watch. I am scared t0 say the time will come way to fast when she is able to be an actual cheerleader.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Huntington Beach 5k/Half Marathon

The morning started off very cold, windy, rainy and very early! We had planned to run the 5K and watch Jeff and some friends run the 1/2 marathon in Huntington Beach. It couldn't have been any worse for beautiful sunny California's weather, I guess snow would of topped it off. 6 am our party van was filled with Tim, Heidi and Lexina, Ryan, Rick, Jim, Shauna, me, Keli and Jeff. We were meeting Jen, Joanna, Mike, Justin and Ronnie plus some of Keli's friends. To say the least, this could of been a total party but instead it was a rough morning and I wanted to go to breakfast and stay warm and dry. Everybody did great and we had such a fun time, now that I can look back at the brrrrrrrr situation. The picture here of Uncle Jim, Shauna, Keli and I show how rainy it was. They truly were all smiles but as for me, not so much! I tried running with my umbrella for about a mile and a half until the torrential wind and rain practically broke it. Keli was just laughing the whole time and she wanted to sprint it out at the end, and she says shes not a runner! When the time came that I was able to see Jeff almost finish I could have cared less that I had two inches of water in my shoes. I was so thrilled for him plus he looked miserable and was just happy to get it over with. We took home beautiful medals with wooden surf boards on them and it was all worth it. 5k, 1/2 or full, whatever the case, its the memories right? Well that one will go down as memorable!