Friday, July 17, 2015


Feeling beyond grateful for our life while trying to save and print pictures of the last several months.
Awards night
 Very proud of who Sofia is becoming. She is a special girl with a big heart, a loud force of spunk and very assure of herself. She makes friends wherever she is at.  I pray she keeps her relationship with Jesus strong and keeps loving on her sisters. She will do great things!

Missing our Bella Boo as she had her 6th grade pool party

First friend Sofia ever met at one week old. We adore this special girl, Sophia! 

 Thankful for Mimi and Granny who were able to come. (Papa Jim and Grandad somehow didn't get in the shot)

One of my favorite photos of the day. Daddy being trendy for his first born.

8th grade dance

6th grade human tunnel 

6th grade pool party

We've been very blessed with amazing teachers at Davis. This one has a special place in Bella's heart.
Thank you Mrs. Matthews!

 Bella Eve is growing into a teenager who I am excited to be around. She loves her sisters with all her heart. She loves soccer and is starting to run, which mom is very excited about. She made ASB for jr. high and cheer. She loves youth group and is very social. Thank you God for this long hair, sparkle blue eyed babe.

 Fathers Day Celebration
Hearst Castle 2015

Sunday morning at Rock Harbor

June's 8th celebration // Universal Studio's

Happy Birthday America! 


Bella and Lilah's room about to get a makeover

Loving on Grammy in June 2015. We love you grammy so much. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


These loves were my New Years sweeties. Too snowy to come down the mountain, we stayed and played in all that white snow. Missed Jeffy but better safe than sorry.

 Cream soda and snow razors and Jacuzzi make for a great afternoon.

 These two melt my heart!
 Building a ramp or driving around for sledding options are always and adventure.

Till next time BB!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 When the turquoise paint is gone and a fresh coat of white goes on, new stainless appliances, some granite, undercount sink and new tile you can say it was a makeover. Our home is tiny for a family of six. We say, love it and love it good because we aren't going anywhere. My husband rocks, hence rockinrices.

Good bye tile and microwave

 Hellooo tile.  So much inspo on Pinterest. I still love the marble subway, but the smart choice would be good ol' white subway with a white or grey grout. 

 Loving the beveled or the herringbone pattern, exposed shelves and stainless hood. 
 These houses aren't going to let you off the hook. Always a problem but my man can fix anything! Just a minor set back or a small headache. 
 Oh hey pretty lady, whatcha got cookin up in there? Yes, a new range! Hip Hip Hooray.

 Granite and marble shopping was super fun and I loved every minute of it.
 Starting to look a little better in here with patched up walls and an amazing refrigerator. Loving the sink and facet too. About this time I was dreaming of cleaning countertops. 
 Brought in some cabinets from the garage

 Doesn't look like much but prepping for tile with hardy backer and Heffe installed the granite. He and a neighbor fabricated the whole thing! I tell ya, he can do it all. 
Can't wait to show the finishing touches.