Monday, December 23, 2013


My phone is filled with photos from 6 people who love to click and snap. I love being able to go through and save some memories up on this. It also makes for a very thankful heart of how blessed we are for where we live and who is in our lives.
Adventures of jr. high has opened so many doors for social sofia. She still rocks at waterpolo but loves cheer and volleyball. 
 Cousin love
 Thankful that we live in the most beautiful area and get to be at the beach when its snowing elsewhere.

Birthday for me, Bella and Rubi. Another reminder of all the RAD people in our life.

 November and no wetsuit for me. Thank you Jesus for where I live!
 Party wave with Bella and her girls

 Soccer days for days
The Bella's made all-stars…so proud!
Family dinners
 New friends and lots of after school playing.

 Camping, good friends and the sunset.  LOVE!