Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bella's Preschool Graduation

Her very special teacher, Mrs. Rieke, who we loved and adored.

Sock Hop

Came across some fun times at Killybrooke. Sad the year is over but excited to be in summer!

A New project

Inspired by my good friend Keli to dig up some vintage lace and linens I used to collect, I not only revisited a forgotten passion but embarked upon a new endeavour. She pronounced "who says vintage has to be old" at her and Diane's boutique, Donny and Fern's, and I cannot agree more with the statement. I am totally inspired by the spirit of vintage but adding a touch of funk. I just can't get away from the loud colors, animal print or the sparkle. So why not combine them? I am excited to sit with my old pal, the sewing machine, design and produce. Sofia has a little bug inside her to create so I am sure this will be fun for the both of us. I love the touch of lace and ruffle!
Pieces that were once old and forgotten are getting a new hot pink finish. Bella having fun being mommy's little helper.
We will be selling our items on Etsy, which is an online place for things handmade. Our items will be under Fi*La*Ru, our special name that symbolizes the girls.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last day, almost.

Today, Sofia woke up and wanted to be very pretty. It was the last day
she would ever dress up for 1 st grade. Tomorrows the last day of
school and I don't know, maybe she wants to wear shorts or something.
Isn't she funny?! I am sending her off to Lexi's house and she already
looks like a second grader. Summers almost here! Love, Jaime

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look who's being sneeky! Cleaning out the "junk drawer" and Rubi didnt
want to part with the papers.

Re: New baby girl

She is the perfect “clay in the Potter’s Hands” how incredible that you shared her baby photo.  I love her already!

Glory be to the Most High, Creator of All that is good!!!

Love you,


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Sofia's forehead, Bella's nose and Rubi's lips?