Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So lovely!

 Nope, he didn't get me a VW bus with love on it (one day...) but he did get me the sweetest jewelry holder ever! 
 The girls were overjoyed when they were called out of class to pick up a special delivery from Daddy asking, "will you be my valentine?"  
Such a lovely day!

#1 Champs!

It was a water weekend. 9 water polo games, a boat ride around the harbor and a quick paddle with the babies on board. Congrats to Grey and Sofia who both got first place, nationally ranked. I have to laugh at one of the pictures that all the parents are trying to get of the kids. So sweet of the Ogo's and Martinez for driving out to watch (and now having to pay for a parking ticket.) We love you guys! Fun Little article although they misspelled Sofia for another little girl.,0,1466933.story

Thursday, February 9, 2012

LOVE Comes Early

Although Valentines Day is next week we were able to love on Sarah a little early. In return, the Daily Pilot gave us some love. THANK YOU Brittney and Kevin.,0,5545099.story

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We got a get-a-way

Weekend of fun memories as we danced the night away, at least Jeff did and met hilarious people. A tattoo parlor in a crazy city will do that to ya. Experienced crazy food, sushi could be called that if you're new to it and cracked up a lot. A much needed get away.
Its a tradition for a pre party drink in our hotel, even if you have to squint your eyes after you sip.
Shauna in a bit of pain after a tattoo, yep, she did it. 
 Its fun to meet up with the boys after they have been on the golf course during the day. 

 Thank you jeffy for teaching me the "right" way to dance. What would I do without you?
 Until next year, Gas Lamp.

Good bye Table

My mom and Sofia picked up this coffee table which had major potential with a shelf and metal feet. Instead of the work, we got mod podge and paper at Paper Souce and made her pretty for another craigslist item. But, I will miss this one.