Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sofia and I are all smiles after the ultrasound. We couldn't wait to
spread the good news.

Happy Birthday Jeff and surprise, its a...!

"Happy Birthday to Jeff and surprise congratulations on your fourth baby girl". That was the theme of the night. We had a great time with our wonderful family, some who were missed, and fabulous friends. I have to add that we have of course the best peeps in our life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Everyone is always helping us. Nothing would have gotten done without Angie, Keli and Derek, Jessica, Tim and of course Travis who offered to make the chili and reel his dad, Rob in. Everyone else of course brought food which made the whole party a success. Sofia couldn't wait. We wrapped this big box with pink balloons and they were suppose to fly out and the last balloon had, Its a girl, on it was weighted down so he could clearly see what our gift was. He didn't actually get it until he read the last balloon. It was clearly a huge surprise. He didn't even know we went to find out earlier that morning. I pulled Sofia out from school hoping that she would forever hear the doctor say, its a...girl. I think the whole experience was fun for her. Keli had Rubi asleep at her house and Bella was at preschool. Angie came with us and that made it even more special for her to share in the excitement. She immediately saw the relief on my face but also the joy to see a healthy and perfect baby that God has blessed us with.
Little Connor, Kelly, Donny and Jen Aunt Jo Jo, Rubi and Granny Franky and Derek with Rubi who almost went to sleep in his arms. She loves him. He also brought the motorhome and played music from it and also was a total hit with the kids. Kaylyn, Ryan and Kelly

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today was Western Day for Bella at her preschool. I want to bet she
was the only cowgirl with boots and a hat from Texas. She wore them
with pride and of course I thought she was so sweet.

At flag deck today Sofia was awarded a ribbon and a gift certificate
to In and Out for a cheeseburger. She has read about 50 books and have
taken quizes on them which have 5 questions each. I love that our
school takes the time to validate the kids. Its a reminder to me that
a pat on the back goes a long way. I'm going to try to work on that
more in our home.

She was very nervous to go up. It took all her courage and confidence
and we were so proud.